10 Hollywood Celebrities

Korean actors & actresses are making more and more of an existence on the greatest international phase: Hollywood! These celebrities you recognize from movies such as The Hangover, Star Trek, Harold & Kumar, and more!

Some have made it large on the biggest international platform: Hollywood.

1. Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun is known as the most popular, manliestfamous Korean actor in Hollywood for his characters in GI Joe, along with the new Terminator movie!

2. Steven Yeun

Many know him as ‘Glenn’ from ‘The Walking D**d’! Steven Yeun is making waves! .

3. Ki-hong Lee

Ki-Hong Lee’s popularity jeopardized lately with the new movie “Mazerunner”. Have you seen it yet?

4. Ken Jeong

Famous for his roles in The Hangover & Community, Ken Jeong is arguably one of the more famous Korean celebrities in Hollywood. In Addition to this, hecomes with an MD degree from the University of North Carolina.

5. Nicole Bilderback

Although she hasn’t been in much of the silver screen spotlight, she’s been in many TV shows such as Dawson’s Creek, Dark Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ” Heroes, The Mentalist…the list goes on.

6. Bobby Lee

Probably the most famous actor on this list, Bobby Lee has been the 1st Asian cast member of MadTV, by which he is famous for his work. He is also in the Harold & Kumar series & The Pineapple Express.

7. Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is better known for her stand-up comedy functions, but she’s appeared in a number of movies, TV shows & live performances. She has lots of books under her name & has won awards for her work.

8. John Cho

Produced in Seoul, John Cho has been raised in the us and is most famous for his job as Harold Lee from the Harold & Kumar series, along with playing other recurring characters in movies & TV shows.

9. Arden Cho

Arden Cho has appeared in a number of TV series playing one-time characters but is famous for her character in Teen Wolf. She is exceptionally active on YouTube, playing a part.

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10. Rain

It should really come as no surprise that Rain is on this list. Aside from his accomplishments & fame in Korea, Rain has created a direct influence on the West, starring in Ninja Assassin & Speed Brackets.