5 Orgasmic, Fast, & Easy Last-Minute Holiday DIY Gift Suggestions!

Christmas is less than a week off and I am so behind in my holiday shopping, as normal, but I will not let that get me down!

I was swamped with work, worried about with no clue exactly what gifts to get everybody, so what exactly did I do? I switched to the internet, of course! I found some great DIY tutorials for a few holiday gift suggestions and that I pretty much found a gift for the rest of the people in my list. There were numerous great DIY channels and DIY videos for your holiday season and here are a few of my favorite simple and quick gift DIYs which will help spread some holiday cheer!  

(in addition, when you have some time take a look at the YouTube channels because they’re only a few of the awesome DIY channels I stumbled to on my pursuit.)


Jump to 1:01 to have a look at this hot chocolate mixture gift spin!

You could also simply crush some candy canes to your peppermint!

Jump to 2:21 for a tutorial on how best to make this DIY!

This DIY is so adorable and amazing because it is easy to personalize it! Check out just how simple this DIY is at 2:50!

That is such a cunning way to gift a gift that anyone would enjoy! Jump to 1:33 to look it over!

Festive Construction Paper

If you’re not a fan of tea, you may easily substitute them using pictures/polaroids or perhaps gift cards if you wish to go beyond and above, but anything you can fit on those clothespins works! Jump to 1:10 to look it over!

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These were only a few of my favorite holiday gift DIYs and I am definitely planning to be trying them out this past year!

– Amanda Baltazar, YH Contributing Writer