Amazon Pulls #450 Circumcision Schooling Dummy In The Sale After Fears Over DIY Operation

A circumcision training kit has been eliminated for sale from Amazon following concern which it supported DIY surgey.

The dark or light skin dummies were recorded on the website for sale between #365 and #456 with a third party called ESP.

The “infant circumcision training kit” include a model of a male child’s g*****l where circumcision can be performed using a choice of scalpels.

Male circumcision – that the custom of removing part of the foreskin from the p***s – can be carried out for either medical or religious purposes, typically in a youthful age.

The product was eliminated following the National Secular Society (NSS) composed to the UK director Douglas Gurr indicating it had been contrary to the website’s supply chain standards policy.

The Item was eliminated as per a complaint fro the National Secular Society

It’s understood that the Item Can’t be shipped into the UK

British Medical Association (BMA) writes in its guidance for physicians it’s “no policy” on the problem of non-therapeutic, or ritual, circumcision.

It recognises there is “clear risk of harm when the procedure is done inexpertly”, but says: “As a general rule, but the BMA believes that parents should be eligible to make choices about how best to market their children’s interests, and it is for society to decide what limits should be imposed on civic choices.”

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Amazon has been approached for comment.