Brad Pitt Rescues Young Girl From Crushing Crowd Of Fans

As an actor, Brad Pitt is no stranger to pulling off daring rescues in movies, but the 52-year-old star is being hailed a real-life hero after pulling a young girl to safety.

Pitt took time out from filming his latest movie in Gran Canaria, Spain, to greet fans when he noticed a young girl struggling in the overexcited crowd.


According to reports, Pitt saw the girl being crushed against the metal fence as fans surged forward to see the actor. He tried to attract attention to the trapped girl before jumping into action himself.

Pitt reached out to the girl and lifted her over the barrier with help from his two bodyguards, ensuring she was reunited with her mother before resuming filming.


You can watch the real-life rescue in the video below.

As if we needed a reason to love Brad Pitt more.

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