Brass Ring Hanging Planter DIY — A Beautiful Mess

This specific project came to me after viewing a photo of a mid century log holder. I was in the shower and suddenly I understood how simple it will be to produce a set of hanging planters at a similar shape! I tell you, shower timing is sacred! The attractiveness of this project is that can make a small bit hanging planter or even a window full of giant ones and every one is really quick to put together. I finished each of my past two in about ten minutes!

I styled them as a trio in my studio and love the excess desk area it freed up. You may easily hang among the medium or smallish sizes on a wall hook also. When choosing plants to flaunt, keep in mind you will need some that are striking but that also allow a lot of space to observe the shape of the planter. I attempted a basket of cascading ivy on the largest one, however, the hoops got dropped from the vines. These are excellent for larger air plants or trailing succulents because you don’t need to down them for watering as often.

-two -two -two -scraps of pine wood measuring about 1/2″ x two″ x two″, 1/2″ x 3″ x 3, and also 3/4″ x 3″ x 5″
-hand observed (if trimming scrap timber)
–#212 twist eye hooks (4 per planter)
—duct or electrical tape (not revealed)
-canvas or leather gloves (optional)

Insert two screw eyes to other sides of every piece of timber so that they are around 1/2″ from every end. You’ll want to angle them that they will easily slide over your own gold plated rings.

Next, locate the seam of your bands and lightly push it from something till you hear it give a bit. You don’t need to bend your hoops out of shape but you do have to apply gentle pressure in both directions until it snaps. Using gloves will ensure you don’t accidentally cut yourself.

Slip matching rings by your twist eyes so that the seams of the jigsaw meet up at the very best.

Wrap each busted seam in electrical tape just to bring back the stitches together. You don’t need to wrap it a lot of times or it’ll be too thick. Repeat with the second hoop.

Cut around 2 yards of cotton rope for every planter (or much more if you’re hanging them pretty high) and then tie a knot around 1″ to a single aspect of your tape. One end of your rope should be around 2′ more than the other.

Take the longer end and wrap it tightly around both hoops till you hit about 1″ past the other side of the tape and tie a second knot.

Then wrap each end under and back up via the two hoops and pull on as tightly as you can. This will ensure your wraps remain tight.   Bring your rope ends together and tie another knot at the center as shown. Measure how large you would like your planter to hang and then mix a different loop knot at the other end. Trim your endings.

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When you’ve found the ideal place to hang them, either collectively or individually, you will simply have to swap out a few plants in little planters to determine which you like best. Appreciate those pesky, mid-century inspired planters at a bright space or adhere a few faux succulents up there if you’re using them in a room with low all-natural light. We will not tell you won’t. –Rachel

Credits//Writer: Rachel Denbow. Photography: Rachel Denbow and Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.