By Singing Shouting And Doing DIY

A singing DIY enthusiast was fined for creating a late night racket that was replicated, # 1,000.

The noisy neighbour shouted, sang, played music that was loud and utilized power resources and hammers into the early hours.

The man, who has not yet been appointed, left such a din in his apartment in a block of flats in Deveron Way, Hinckley, that environmental health officers chose to prosecute him.

After receiving ongoing complaints, the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council issued two warnings, both of which have been breached, causing the case being heard at Leicester Magistrates’ Court on November 6.

The issue was dealt with in the defendant’s absence and that he was fined #1,100 and also ordered to cover #400 prices and a victim surcharge of #110, the Hinckley Times writes.

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After the instance, councillor Kevin Morrell, deputy chief of the borough council and executive member for environmental services, said: “As may be understood in the results of the scenario, environmental health will take enforcement action against those populations of the borough that have a damaging influence in the peace and quiet of their acquaintances.

The pair are to appear at Leicester Magistrates' Court

Leicester Magistrates’ Court

“The level of punishment sends out a clear message in the court that this behavior won’t be tolerated”.

Throughout the court hearing magistrates were advised that the noises comprised hammering, the use of power tools, loud music, singing and yelling both in the evenings and late in the night.

The noise would often occur on the landing of this block and so affected occupants.

Informal attempts by the council’s environmental health club to have the perpetrator to control how the noise failed and so noise monitoring equipment was set up in a neighbouring property.

This revealed that the noise was using a continuous and detrimental effect on residents.

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As a result, a community security warning has been served which was breached. A community defense notice was served in April.

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This notice has been breached several times and so the council made a decision to prosecute.