‘CatDog’ Lied: Science Says Dogs Can Be Smarter Than Cats

‘CatDog’ Lied: Science Exotic Dogs Could Be Smarter Than Mothers

  • November 30, 2017
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dogs would be the intelligent ones. That is, if cortical neuron count is a good sign of intelligence, but let’s not complicate matters with a measured approach with the news that is scientific. Dogs rule, cats drool (in case your cat is actually drooling, visit a vet).

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In the past I’ve become a cat owner, and I’m presently a dog owner. I have no preference, there is still a cardboard box inside my own heart for cats. But I’m pretty convinced dogs are smarter, and we just believe cats are smart since they were born with a haughty, aloof expression. If they sit loftily, rapping upon a bookshelf because they examine their environment with eyes, then it looks like they’re thinking profound, significant, and possibly evil ideas. “Live is a pastiche of historic mistakes. Tonight is doomed,” they seem to muse smugly, their internal monologue narrated by Werner Herzog. Really, what happening as childish drawings of fish float over the vast, blank area that is their heads, in their elevator songs that is imperious small heads is faint.

Dogs, in contrast, seem stupid. Which really is a gloomy statement on society’s mentality: “This dog seems to love everyone and everything, and adopts life with happiness. What an idiot.” I suspect that excitability and affection is a sign of intelligence, although I’m not even a dogologist. They get excited and read your body language, when you’re excited. When you’re unhappy, they read your body language and initiate a cuddling sequence (or in my dog’s case( aggressive licking). That kind of interaction is a degree of cognition although it seems dopey. Just… not very sophisticated enough to know we do not wish to be licked shortly after we found that tongue clean their bum.

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