Constructing A DIY Skatepark Together With Mat Burton

Mat Burton along with Perry Layde have created great things under a bridge just north of London. Constructing a DIY skatepark isn’t a mean feat, you require a great deal of person power a great deal of stuff, and a lot of dedication. Luke Rance recently caught up with Mat and the dudes and shot this sweet slice of movie about the place they’ve built — check it out. (Stoked to find a Angus Gough clip in there!)

We featured that the Bypass Spot in our show a couple of Years Back. Continue reading from Mat Burton for some info.

— Give us a short history on your own location. Just how long it has taken to get to this point?

“In January 2013 there was snow everywhere and my mates Jords, Farra and Gadsby wanted somewhere to go chill where there would not be snow. We finished up beneath the bypass bridge. Loving life sitting on a stone, we chatted about how great it would be if there had been below there, then another day we shot shovels down and began shifting dirt, covering. After a few hours had a little volcano to mess. I was off work in the time because of a head injury  being tired and needing something to do, I went there daily for 15 days getting mates to help out until the thought was done.”

Mat Burton has unbelievable spacial awareness. TIGHT table involving two girders. Photo: Robin Pearson

“It was similar to spine mini ramp. After a year of riding it, erode and it began to crumble away. It had been dry and the maintenance on it was steady, so in 2015 we chose to concrete it. Started about the volcano with Connor mixing by hand the cement using an ballast (sand out of the ditch). We completed one side of riding and the volcano but after another segment was complete we run out of ballast, so we needed to begin paying for this. As a result of Perry and his van we go get a lot of ballast at a time and concrete it section by section. And that is where at now…” — Mat Burton

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