Couple Admits To Crashing Wedding; Bride Discovers Stunt Funny

SPARTA, N.J. (AP) — A couple who gained notoriety for crashing a New Jersey wedding reception and leaving the newlyweds a card apologizing for their actions said that they did it as a lark while on their first date.

Carly Wolfson informed WCBS-TV in New York that she sent the bride, Karen Tufo, a Facebook message apologizing for showing up uninvited at the Aug. 6 occasion in Sparta.

However, Tufo — who’s said she discovered the stunt funny and offered to purchase the crashers a beverage — told her no apology was needed. Wolfson said Tufo also told her that when all “goes well” for her and Ritchie Barry, she will need to wreck their marriage.

Wolfson said she and Barry planned their outfits and made a backstory between a bogus engagement ring. She also said they almost got cold feet about going through with their own plans, likening into a flirtatious game of “chicken.”

“(We arrived) in directly behind the bride, like literately straight behind her,” Wolfson said. “I freak out, then closed the doors.”

Reception attendees have said Wolfson and Barry have been the life of the party, spending a lot of time on the dance floor and sitting at the ideal guy’s table. Some guests and members of the wedding celebration thought they might be crashers, but with everyone trapped in the celebration no one questioned them.

Tufo has said she originally thought Barry was a pal of her brand new husband who she had not met. She finally met the actual friend in the future in the evening, but said she always got sidetracked if she thought about questioning the supposed crashers.

The newlyweds learned the truth if they discovered the greeting card the crashers left them using a dollar bill attached. The handwritten note said: “Dear Fox’s, 1) Congratulations! 2) Sorry for bettering your wedding 3) Best of fortune!!”

The two crashers also contained a photo of themselves in the outfits they wore in the wedding photos.

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In a Facebook note posted the Monday following the marriage, Tufo thanked all of her guests but made a point of realizing the crashers and his or her achievements.

“Well played my friends… well played!!! I want to meet these individuals and get them a drink. Professional job! You gave us the very best wedding present anyone can ever ask for!” Fox wrote.

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