Couple Admits To Crashing Wedding; Bride Discovers Stunt Humorous

SPARTA, N.J. (AP) — A couple who gained notoriety for crashing a New Jersey couple’s wedding reception and leaving them a card apologizing for their actions say they did it as a lark whilst on their first date.

Carly Wolfson informs WCBS-TV at New York ( she sent the bride, Karen Tufo, a Facebook message apologizing for showing up uninvited at the Aug. 6 event.

But Tufo — who has said she discovered that the stunt humorous and offered to purchase the crashers a beverage — told her no apology was required.

Reception attendees have said Wolfson and Ritchie Barry have been the lifetime of the celebration, spending a lot of time around the dancing floor and sitting at the very best man’s table.

Many people thought they are crashers, but with everyone caught up in the celebration nobody questioned them.

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