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(BPT) – We have all heard the old adage, “you get one chance to make a first impression” Well, this statement holds true once you’re speaking about a home. Whether it’s the landscaping, the siding, the front door, the walls, the paint, the driveway or the outside furniture, the first reaction to the exterior look of a residence is permanent. Quite literally, your home’s curb appeal can influence the experience of guests. Moreover, 63 percent of homebuyers will pay a visit to after seeing it on line, according to the National Association of Realtors, a home they enjoy. Thus, investing the time, energy and money to maximize your home’s curb appeal makes a whole lot of sense. Unfortunately, an important part is your mailbox.

There are more than 50 million curbside mailboxes from the U.S.. While these mailboxes serve a significant daily function, they also set the tone for a home’s curb appeal. Rather than feature a paper on a plain wooden or metal pole, putting one at a brick, block or stone enclosure is a popular alternative that can be achieved without employing a builder or being a skilled mason. Assembling an attractive mailbox column is really a DIY job any homeowner can now handle utilizing a flexible block platform including Stonegate Country Manor out of Keystone Hardscapes.

Notice: Wearing gloves and eye protection is recommended.

Steps for building a cube mailbox column:

* Mark off the mailbox with paint and get rid of the dirt from indoors until the gap will be 12 inches deep. Level the base with a hand tamper.

* Add 6 inches of crushed stone several inches at a time and streamlined with a hand tamper.

* Install the first course by centering the cubes inside the mailbox and put 6 inches below finished level. Check front to rear and side to side with a flat and adjust as necessary along with sand and a hammer.

* Lay the next course of block in addition to the first course of block within an alternating pattern to make sure they match properly. Remove the cubes and apply two quarter-inch-wide strips of QUIKRETE Polyurethane Construction Adhesive on every block at the first course roughly 3 inches from the interior and outside border before attaching the next course.

* Repeat the process till you finish the column, being sure to substitute the course layouts according to the directions. Make sure you use a level on every program.

* Once the seventh course is finished, fill out the center with all the remaining crushed stone so the mailbox has a location to rest. Build the mailbox by setting the first course of blocks and securing with concrete glue according to the directions.

* Use spray foam to seal behind the surface of the mailbox and utilize QUIKRETE Non-Shrink Grout to fill around the mailbox so it’s flush and the door opens and closes freely.

* Install the next mailbox program and secure with concrete glue before filling around the mailbox again with grout.

* Finally, fasten the box set up with concrete glue before installing a cap of your choice.

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You will find an assortment of block box column styles, colors and sizes to match the appearance of any home. Additionally, you can easily upgrade your front or rear yard with fireplaces, fire pits, kitchens, seats and retaining walls by downloading block system job layouts and step-by-step instructions such as Stonegate Country Manor at .