DIY HOME | Staining My Dining Room Table

If you’ve been following with ISPYDIY Instagram, you have noticed that I have been putting some finishing touches on my dining room and kitchen, also giving it a tiny Fall makeover. I had been really going to waiting until I had what done to show all of you photos, but I personally myself a bunch of you DMed me questions about my kitchen table while I was staining it, and I wished to provide you the details immediately! Just a small backstory, when the house was being gutted by us, and vaulting the ceilings, I had the demonstration men keep a whole lot of the 125-year-old 2x4s that are first. I knew I wanted a large kitchen table and thought using them would be an enjoyable homage to the background of it and the house. My carpenter ran them though a plainer, and pulled out the one million claws from every bit of timber a bunch of times, then glued and clamped the 2x4s together to produce the top. I stretched a base idea for him up, and he welded it to coincide with in my head perfectly!

Unfinished has been sitting because I wasn’t sure what direction I wished to go with it. I honestly adore the wood look that is unfinished, but it left the room looking a bit undone. I moved stain shopping an found a shade I’d not noticed before called Minwax® Early American, also I thought it’d be perfect to give the wood a warmer tone and actually show the character. It did that!   I really like the colour version from one piece of timber.  
Then was picking on a top coat…gloss or gloss. I have a tendency to always go for matte satin, but I thought for a dining table which would need to withstand plenty of rains, a gloss would be better…so I ended up someplace in the middle with a semi-gloss Minwax® Helmsman® Spar Urethane specially invented to use on surfaces subjected to water. No coasters for me! I was anxious because it seems SUPER glossy when it moves on, but it dehydrated with just the correct amount of sheen.

Steps and Provides after the break!  

What you need: 
Minwax® Early American Oil Based Interior Stain
220 Git X-fine sandpaperProtective gloves

What to do:
Start with coated table top, then eliminate any dust from patting it had been the tack fabric so surface is clean.
Mix that the Minwax® Early American blot, and rub a thin layer with the rag, going with the grain of this timber. I brush on a bit, then rubbed it together with the rag, wiping off any excess. I just did one jacket, and let it sit for 24 hours.
Then apply the brush to paint on a coating this  Minwax® Helmsman® Spar Urethane  then let dry. After 4 hours add a second coat. Stay dry. Time for supper!

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