DIY Modern Tabletop Christmas Trees

Christmas decorations don’t need to be fancy, fancy, or expensive to deliver a stunning festive feeling in your property. These modern DIY tabletop Christmas trees are a perfect case of simple vacation décor. Made from paper mache cones, they are perfectly imperfect. Enjoy!

Materials Needed:

  • Papermache cones (found at your Community craft store, at the doll or cardboard box pieces)
  • Drill + 2 sizes drill bits
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray paint
  • LED tea lights

Begin with your larger drill bit. Gently supporting the cone out of the inside (however with palms from the way of this drill bit), drill holes into your own cone. Realize this isn’t wood, so your holes are not likely to look perfect. In fact, they’re likely to be pretty rough now.

Space the holes apart. You might want to produce the spacing sexier near the bottoms of the own trees, but it’s a taste call on your area.

Repeat this process, with the larger drill bit, on all your cones. Suggestion: When you are drilling, use the drill-in (clockwise) direction for penetrating the cardboard, and use the drill-out (counter-clockwise) management, while scraping the surfaces of the pit somewhat, for exiting the cardboard.

Switch to your bigger drill bit, and include lots of holes throughout your paper mache cone. Again, you might want denser spacing close to the base of your cone. With this more compact drill bit, I recommend heading up higher on the tree compared with the larger drill bit.

Use a sanding block to carefully sand away balls round the holes.

With a medium-grit pinch of sandpaper, wrap a pencil with adhesive.

Insert the sandpaper-wrapped pencil into the larger holes, and scratch on the edges. Rotate the sandpaper pencil, and also jiggle it out of this pit to smooth the pit edges as much as you can.

This method helps a lot. Here’s a picture of what the holes look like before they’re sanded.

Here’s what the larger holes look like following sanding. Not perfect, but better.

For the holes, you could roll the sandpaper into itself and insert it into the holes. I found it easiest, though, to simply use a sharp pencil to push at the cardboard chunks to the pit.

Repeat for all of the trees. At this point, you will probably be wishing you had selected a smaller amount of trees. However, it is going to be worth it!

Place all of the trees at a well-ventilated place on a dropcloth. If you are painting different colours, different the trees in accordance with their colour.

The first couple of trees will be painted with a flat white spray paint.

Sew light coats of spray paint onto your paper mache cone trees, working your way all the way around every tree.

Take care to not spray a lot in one coating, or it will drip.

Repeat the steps for different colours on another Christmas tree cones.

Let sit 5-10 minutes, then repeat coats. Do two or three coatings, then let the cones dry thoroughly.

Take out your LED tea lights, and then turn them. Place them on a tabletop or wherever you’re likely to display your modern DIY tabletop Christmas trees.

Put the paper mache cones in addition to the tea.

What a beautiful little cluster of joy, don’t you think?

Originally, my plan was to cut red tissue paper out for the green trees.

I tried covering the tea light with all the red tissue paper, however when I placed the tree in addition to this LED mild, it looked pretty much the same as it looked with just the mild itself…only darker. So, there’s a hint for you: Colored “lights” on your Christmas tree cone might not work well.

Either way, I love the forest generated here. Festive yet serene.

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I expect you love creating your very own little Christmas wonderland with those DIY modern tabletop trees. Joyful DIYing!

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