DIY Needle Felted Christmas Star Tree Ornaments

We include a few more DIY ornaments. And while I feel that pretty much everything goes on a Christmas tree, even making things that wo clash with everything else about the tree is satisfying!

White and black together is classic and easily goes with any colour, including the all-important bronze, gold or silver (because you’ve always must have at least one shiny, bling it up colour at Christmas!))

I have found that one of the easiest approaches to mix your decorations up while keeping them cohesive is currently enjoying with texture. There is often a great deal on the tree so switch things up a little with those felted stars. And you do not have to stick to white and black. About making your own decorations, the best thing would be that you may do anything you like together. Select your colour scheme (or do not) and move all out!

Merino Wool from Black and White | Needle Felting Kit | Star Cookie Cutter | Cotton Cord

1. Set the cookie cutter on the sponge and then fill the top half. Utilizing a single needle (this makes it easier to enter the corners) stab at the wool before it has a flat even surface.

2. Add the wool that is black to the bottom of the cutter over lapping the segment and then stab the wool. Once the wool is level and even pull it then put the cookie cutter back on the sponge, set the felted star back into the cutter and then stab again. This time pay a whole lot of attention to the edges and the centre where the colours meet.

3. Gently pull off the star the sponge again and eliminate the cutter. Work round the edge with the needle to neaten the shape up. See your fingers!

4. Trim the superstar with a pair of scissors around to find a crisp edge.

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5. Poke a hole through the point of thread and the celebrity through the cotton string. Tie this and then cut the surplus off.