DIY No-Sew Fried Egg Oven Mitts [+ A Video!]

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I’m taking a quick break out of Christmas content now to share a quick now-sew DIY for all these EGGcellent fried egg oven mitts. Sorry, I guarantee that’s my only pun! I’ve surfaced with Aleene’s again now to talk about a video tutorial for upgrading plain ‘ol oven mitts to look like one of your favorite meals emojis. I already had a pair of oven mitts with a fried egg layout on them, so that I believed these easy felt fried egg kettle holders would highlight them flawlessly. Oven mitts/pot holders also have quickly become one of my favorite things to collect!

I understand you’re probably as eager for Christmas as I am, but I had to slip in a minumum of one non-Christmas DIY to help keep up my sanity. As much as I absolutely adore the holiday period, I want a break occasionally. There are only so many Christmas-themed things I can make within a 1 month period, and I’ve been dying to give my plain yellowish pot holders a adorable felt makeover with my own Aleene’s Fabric Paste.  

If you’re all about vacation crafts, don’t have any fear! I’ll be back tomorrow with more vacation suggestions to help keep you engulfed in the area of gingerbread, cherry, peppermint and Christmas lights. I mean, these are basically ALL my favorite things. Until then, have a look at my latest video to see how to make your very own fried egg pot holders!  

Period: 5 minutes


  • Fabric kettle holders/oven mitts
  • two bits of white felt 
  • 1 slice of yellow felt
  • Aleene’s Fabric Glue
  • Pen or mark
  • Scissors

Measure 1: Put a pot holder on top of a piece of white felt and also draw a squiggly outline to the egg.  

Measure 2: Put the summarized piece on top of another and cut out two equal-sized bits to create the white area of the eggwhites.  

Measure 3: Twist the yellowish felt in half.

Measure 4: Use a bowl or cup to outline a circle about 3 inches wide on the yellow felt and then cut two equal-sized pieces.  

Measure 5: Stick the yellowish “yolks” to the center of the white bits with the cloth adhesive.  

Measure 6: Line one side of this oven mitts with cloth adhesive and press on the felt fried eggs on top. Put aside to dry overnight before applying.  

Afterward your peanut butter oven mitts are all set to use! No stitching no hassle! For best results, wrap your hand around the felt egg side when employing rather than wrap the felt around hot products.  

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