DIY Paper Doll Faces And Language Bubbles ⇆ Bloomize

“Smile”, “Hello”, “Thinking of you”, “Be happy” and “Uh-oh” were all the expressions that came into me as I left those cuter-than-I-expected faces and delegated a speech bubble to all of them, except one.

Give whatever a speech bubble along with whatever speaks.

Each of their faces were assembled using 6″/ /15 cm single-sided origami square newspapers.


Allow me to begin with my “Smile” Lady and her lace panties. She is extremely simple to fold up.


  1. Fold paper in half both sides by pinching just the endings, don’t crease in total power. Unfold. Pinching reduces a line throughout the face’s visibility.
  2. Fold in 2 triangles to fulfill in the middle.
  3. Fold in a small segment on the left and side. Crease.
  4. Unfold step 3.
  5. Tuck B under the line.
  6. Repeat on other side. Fold a section of the summit behind. The larger the fold, the smaller the hair.
  7. Fold up triangles on bottom finishes.
  8. Then fold up the section with the triangles to the back.
  9. Unfold that the triangles.
  10. Flatten.
  11. Repeat on other side.
  12. Fold down the flap.
  13. Turn over, curl the fringe and give the ends a twist.

Doll #2

The gal with a bob that is shorter is equally as fast to make.


  1. Follow the steps 1 to 6 from over. Fold the summit behind to the stage that is middle. This makes the hair surface smaller.
  2. Fold up the bottom section to fit up with the summit.
  3. Fold a triangle down on each end.
  4. Then fold up a triangle on every.
  5. Fold the top flap.
  6. Turn over, curl the hair fringe.

Doll #3

This doll appears mature and I really like it!


  1. Fold a triangle down with the base right corner as a point of view.
  2. Fold a triangle down on the other hand, as revealed.
  3. Fold the summit behind.
  4. Flip.
  5. Fold in a part of both vertical sides.
  6. Fold up a segment of the bottom section.
  7. Fold up and down 2 triangles on each end.
  8. Fold the top section to the bottom.
  9. Switch over, it’s prepared to groom with earrings or hair accessories. To include texture felt, use miniature pom poms or cloth.

Doll #4 and #5

To make these 2, have a look at the tutorials here and then here. The boy has been created with black and gray papers adhered to generate a double-sided sheet.

Below are some wip pictures while dressing up the dolls.

Random work in advance snapshots.

A flower sticker plus a ribbon bow cut-out were utilized as “hair clips” while dot stickers and round embossed hearts (created with an embossing folder) were cut out to decorate as earrings. The speech bubbles were attracted on cardstock, cut out composed with markers. Strips of apparent transparency were cut and trimmed down to about 2.5″ x .25″ then every bubble has been glued onto it onto the other end, leaving the opposite end to stick supporting the head.

Before I’d given these dolls away to the children in my personal life, they were every adhered onto a chopstick (popsicle stick is going to be good also). I’d stick some label decals on the flaps supporting (see above steps 11 and 5) for some additional strength before leaping down a chopstick with white glue.

Tant Pastels Paper

Orchid Origami Paper

60 Colour Pencils

Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue, Fine and Broad Tips

Zig Memory System Writer Double Tip Pen Writer, Ocean

Zig Memory System Writer Double Tip Pen Writer, Salmon

AC Smooth Cardstock Bundle

Kaisercraft Paper Pack, 12″ by 12″, XO

Lawn Fawn Petite Paper Pack LF818 Let’s Polka Mon Amie

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Sizzix Big Shot Machine

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