DIY Reclaimed Wood Sign To Get Thanksgiving

Get the Look of Reclaimed Wood With a DIY “Gratitude” Wall Hanging

  • How to Create a Wooden Gratitude Wall Decor Plaque

    reclaimed wood gratitude plaque

    Rita Shehan

    According to Google, the definition of the term gratitude is “the standard of being thankful; openness to demonstrate admiration for and to return kindness.” Gratitude is something which ought to be a component of our daily practicebut is often forgotten. During fall and the approaching Thanksgiving holiday season, we’re especially trained to provide thanks for each of the fantastic things we all have in our lives. Gratitude helps us concentrate on what we already have as opposed to what we desire.

    Some individuals are…MORE dissatisfied with their lives and often feel that another material possession will bring them the joy that they wish for. They believe that a larger house, more money, etc. will make them feel whole, complete and finally happy. They are disappointed.

    There’s a science of gratitude! Robert Emmons Ph.D..  Is a psychologist at UC Davis who has discovered that both psychological improves and has done extensive research and physical wellbeing in addition to enriches our connections with the planet and our network.

    This holiday season make a gratitude wall plaque to display on your home to remind yourself and your loved ones you have. This craft mimics the wood decor that is currently very much on fad and is very easy to create. Make one for yourself and make your friends to be given by some. They’ll appreciate it and be thankful that you’re a component of the lifetime!

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  • Gather Your Supplies and Materials

    wood plaque kit, finish and brush

    Rita Shehan
    • wood ice kit
    • Paintbrush or foam brush for stain
    • Rags
    • Plastic drop cloth
    • Minwax Particular Walnut colored penetrating stain timber finish
    • Die cut equipment vinyl or contact paper
    • Lighting beige coloured acrylic craft paint
    • Stencil brush
    • Electronics die cut equipment
    • One sheet coarse sand paper
    • Matte finish ModPodge
    • Foam brush for ModPodge
    • Scissors
    • Latex gloves
    • Bone Folder

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  • Stain the Wood

    stained wood plaque kit

    Rita Shehan
    1. employing a paintbrush or foam brush paint one side the upper part of the plaque and the three bottom squares with   Minwax Particular Walnut colored penetrating stain timber finish. Be sure to use a movement after the grain of the timber. The timber should soak up almost all of the stain and is very porous. Use a rag to wash away.
    2. Turn over the timber plaque bits and brush the rear side with Minwax Particular Walnut colored penetrating stain timber finish.
    3. Permit the wooden…MORE bits to wash. They should be prepared for the next actions in about one hour.

    Tip: It is a fantastic idea to wear latex gloves while working with wood stain. They keep your hands clean and stain free, and also safeguard your craft item.

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  • Paint Over the Stencils

    stencil on wood wall plaque

    Rita Shehan
    • Cut the term eye, the maple leaf, acorn and pumpkin from adhesive die cutting vinyl sheets or contact paper on your own electronic die cutting equipment.
    • Remove the inner portions of the stencil and put on the wooden plaque components employing the above mentioned photo for a guide.
    • Use a bone folder to burnish the plastic stencil firmly on the timber. Create…MORE certain that each of the stencil edges are adhering without any gaps into the timber plaque bits.
    • Squeeze a beige acrylic paint into a plate or bowl and dab using a stencil brush.
    • Utilizing an up and down movement, place bits of beige paint on the stencils covering the open areas with paint.
    • Permit the paint at least one hour to wash.

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  • Remove the Stencils

    removing stencil from plaque

    Rita Shehan

    Gently remove the stencil, after the paint has dried. Don’t neglect to remove vinyl inside of the letters’ pieces.

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  • Create a Weathered Effect

    painted wood plaque

    Rita Shehan

    The words and have clean borders and pictures on your own plaque parts should be observable. Even though the signal looks great just as it is, it is possible to take it a step further and add a touch that is weathered for your piece.

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  • Sand the Plaque

    sanded painted plaque

    Rita Shehan

    To give your plaque a weathered, and also distressed look, choose the sheet of sand and coarse sanding paper the pieces. Be sure to use a movement following the grain of this timber, which will help to provide a appearance that is realistic to the wood. Don’t go with the sanding! You just need to produce your plaque look like it’s been around for awhile. Don’t sand so much that there are obvious gouges on your own sign.

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  • Safeguard the Plaque Using a Mod Podge Finish

    finished gratitude plaque

    Rita Shehan
    • Use  a foam brush to apply a coating of matte finish Mod Podge to seal and protect the timber.
    • Allow the Mod podge dry and apply another coat.
    • Cut the hemp series provided in the kit and join the wooden plaque bits together using the above mentioned photo for a reference manual.
    • Your beautiful Thanksgiving wall decor is now prepared to hang and enjoy!