DIY Scratch-Off Advent Calendar — A Mess

Each year I try to come up with a new cute/clever introduction calendar. My kids love the little gifts and actions, therefore it is not essential, but I certainly get a kick out of seeing. Cheesy? Sure. I am all cheese, if it has to do with my favorites. As we’re getting a growing number of years behind us, creating new theories can be hard. I have had this thought for a DIY scratch-off something in my back pocket for some time now, so I guessed this was the perfect opportunity to use it!

-paper snowflakes
-dish soap
-metallic paint and paintbrush
-round punch
-shapes or numbers stamps and ink pad
-little pubs and wrapping paper
-grip adhesive

To start, hit out 25 circles out of the cardstock. Mark these circles with your shape/number stamps. Make sure to keep track of how many of each you use so it is possible to fit your gifts.

Next, combine 1 part dish soap to two parts paint. Cover up your stamped circles. This will take 3-4 coats of paint. Because you proceed onto the next measure, let them dry.

Map out the paper snowflakes to the Form of a shrub. Use your craft glue to place the snowflakes. After this step is complete, paste the circles into the center of their snowflakes.

The last step is wrapping your presents and incorporating the coordinating shapes/numbers into the bottoms of the boxes. It’s time to set up it!

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Every day, scratch off a circle and fit the shape/number into a gift under the tree. This introduction doesn’t just have to be for kids. Fill your boxes with whatever you need–actions, treats, cash, gifts, etc.. Insert fairy lights for a touch and enjoy some holiday spirit! xo. Katie

Credits//Writer and Photography: Katie Shelton. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.