DIY Skate Park Built Under I-405 In Jeopardy

A “Do It Yourself” skate park surfaced up over a year ago in Renton, and it’s been expanding ever since. The property owner would be the Washington State Department of Transportation, and a spokesperson claims, the state  had no idea that it was there before a few weeks ago.

Skateboarders who helped build the park beneath I-405 close Longacres Drive SW   say it was once overgrown and full of garbage. You will find two cement slabs on the property.  

Jack Skeels and Brian Foss  stated they went to work. With help from friends, they cleaned out the region. They added seating, ramps, and obstacles.  

“We started on our own, just funding it through our own pockets, and then the neighborhood skateboard community really did get behind us,” said Foss.

Donations helped create the Longacres Skate spot a destination for skateboarders.

“It’s just awesome that literally nearly every week, I’ll meet a new face and also even a fresh set of faces which drove out of Port Orchard or arrived from Vancouver BC,” explained Skeel.

They say it is a place where they do not have to be quiet, and they’ve got protection against the rain.

“We are under a bustling freeway and we’re next to train tracks,” explained Skeel.

They are concerned their dream park can be demolished. They received notice a few weeks ago that their skate park was built on Washington State Department of Transportation property.

“We will need to maintain access to this region to look after the highway, but also, most importantly, it is for the safety of the skateboarders,” explained Marqise Allen, a WSDOT spokesperson.

“Obviously, they’re only concerned about the accountability  of having the park on their property,” explained Skeel, who added he understands that concern.

“I believe we may have the ability to appeal to them if they come down and see what it is like here,” said Foss. “We are just concentrating all of our efforts in keeping this place alive.”

Allen says it is possible the park builders may have the ability to lease the  distance from the nation, but to be able to do that there is permitting process and insurance would be needed by them.

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Foss says they would like to meet up with WSDOT   to explore their options.

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