Drown An Old T-shirt In Concrete To Actually Spook Your Visitors — DIY All In One

Happy Halloween! I made those back when I made some more of my garden flowers that were concrete. As soon as I completed with my garden flowers I decided to see if I enjoyed hypertufa. So then my mind start thinking outside the box…
I do not know but my mind jumped into a different version of the hypertfua everybody is doing. Then I jumped to Halloween in my own thoughts and how I used to go all out and then decorate and each year for the heads and pumpkins I would need to discover a stand alone or something to prop them up.
I’d people in my garden asking me all summer exactly what in the hell I was doing. The concrete t-shirts weren’t completely hidden from sight in the back of my yard and backyard when I gave trips to the back that was far – .
Before I published them the other day, I understood that I didn’t have lots of pictures of doing this project. Over on my site I have enough pictures to give you an idea that it is a matter of a, some runny Portland Cement, and some imagination.
These are not for everybody. Shoot, my neighbor thought they had been the most dreadful thing she’d ever seen but once I put the Frankenstein mind on she was like “he looks trendy”.
HMMMMMM it is all about the demonstration!

Pots, buckets or whatever that could help you form the shirt. Some imagination, Portland Cement, and Wet t-shirts is

A thin mixture of a plus Portland Cement

I used timber and nursery pots to make the form.

These are the two shirts I let sit to see how they hold up

With a pumpkin on top they look cool (it is possible to check out the other faces over my site where I have more instructions).

Materials I used for this project:

Portland Cement   (The Home Depot)