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This weekend, Samantha Erickson and that I shall combine Shane Gero in the Society for Marine Mammalogy’s (SMM) yearly conference to get a workshop about how to use Wikipedia as an instrument for teaching, outreach, and open access science. Run in conjunction with this SMM Education Committee, the workshop will demonstrate the way Wikipedia can be utilised as a teaching tool in university classes, as a way of building electronic literacy, as well as a technique to boost the free access to accurate scientific information.

Wikipedia in the marine science classroom
Since 2010, college and university educators participating in our Classroom Program have assigned their students to add content to course-related posts on Wikipedia. Students gain key 21st century skills like media literacy, writing and research development, and critical thinking, while content gaps on Wikipedia get packed thanks to students’ attempts.

Wikipedia as a tool for electronic literacy
The internet, and Wikipedia itself, is by far the first source of information obtained by the public. Assessing this high quality and content of the information is an essential competency for this generation of students. Moreover, contributing content enables students to evaluate and assess articles online, a fundamental portion of learning to be a scientist. As subscribers, they know to outline and concisely communicate data from reliable mostly literature resources. An essential to being a definite scientific communicator is your ability to convey complex ideas at a particular level.

Wikipedia as a tool to get open accessibility
Wikipedia articles are seen thousands of times a day from the public. Expert edits on Wikipedia increase the free access to current information about scientific fields, controversies in popular perception, and increases the amount of public understanding. Expert content joins people to scientific literature.

Workshop particulars
The workshop will include:

  • The basic functions, policies, and functional use of Wikipedia
  • The Particular class support available from the Wiki Education Foundation to school who use Wikipedia in academic classes on college and university campuses

Society for Marine Mammalogy teachers who can’t attend this workshop but would love to hear more about engaging in the Wikipedia Year must send us an email in contact@wikiedu.org

A few excerpts here are from the first text in the workshop description on SMM’s web site.

Jami Mathewson
Educational Partnerships Manager

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Featured picture: “Sea otter nursing youthful” by Mike Baird. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 through Wikimedia Commons.