Fans’ Favorite Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster Has A Humorous Backstory

Sometimes improvisation gives the best outcome, and one particular Spider-Man: Homecoming poster is excellent proof of this. The movieput a brand new spin on Peter Parker’s backstory and nearly every fan out there responded nicely to it. However, after six films together with all the wall-crawler, Marvel Studios had to market the movie as a distinct experience to general viewers. For this, a clever marketing campaign was needed, and Marvel delivered.

[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures]
[Charge: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures]

a Huge Backstory For An Great Poster

Yep. Instagram consumer therealspideyman posted an interview with #TomHolland and his co-star Laura Harrier through a press event such as Spider-Man: Homecoming in Mexico City.

From the meeting, Holland disclosed that he never knowingly participated in the creating of this one-sheet. Instead, Spidey’s present was only the result of a tiring job day that inspired him to take a much-needed rest:

“An intriguing story relating to this poster is that’s me asleep. That is not a part of the film, that’s me in-between takes, asleep. We were shooting this scene and that I was just very tired this day, and that I was only asleep on the ground, and the photographer took a photo. So when they left that the poster, I was like ‘What! Just what the hell, guys!'”

Not trendy, Mr. Photographer, not trendy. Spidey spends his days (and a huge part of his nighttime) saving people from criminals. Could not you have given the man five minutes of sleep? Jeez. On a negative note, I won’t be able to check out the poster without believing that since Pete’s asleep, anybody can think of him, yank off his mask, and have an image of his head.

Jokes aside, as I mentioned, this is a terrific reminder of the fact that sometimes great things aren’t planned. I don’t know about you, but today I am dying to know if the other paintings possess a similar humorous backstory.

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