Folktale Artisan Workshop Tutorial On Creating DIY Crepe Paper Flowers

Over the last couple weeks, our buddies at Folktale Winery & Vineyards at Carmel Valley, California, are hosting the Folktale Artisan Workshop series. In collaboration with Carmel Valley Mercantile along with Tacklebox Creative + Design, a recent   workshop we assessed taught us the way to make DIY Crepe Paper Flowers.

DIY Crepe Paper Flowers

To assist you make DIY crepe paper flowers  at home, today’s step-by-step guide comes courtesy of Carmel Valley Mercantile along with Tacklebox Creative.

Getting your girlfriends to get a glass of wine along with a DIY craft project is advisable. Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower or a birthday celebration, creating DIY crepe paper flowers is really a wonderful and whimsical way to spend some time with your favorite gal pals.  

Supplies for DIY Crepe Paper Flowers 

  • Template for Petals & Tasty
  • Cardboard Cone
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum Foil

Measure 1: To make the stamen of your flower, roll up a small 2″ strip of aluminum foil into a ball shape.  

Measure 2: having a little bit of glue placed on the end of a wire stem, then stick with the glued side of this wire stem to the middle of the chunk of aluminum foil.

Measure 3: Wrap green floral tape around the aluminum ball (covering it completely), and enabling the tape to wrap over 1″ of the wire stem (to secure the aluminum ball to the wire).

Measure 4: Using scissors, cut out the foliage and foliage templates.  

Measure 5: Using different coloured crepe paper, cut out the leaves and petals with the templates as a consequence. You must have roughly 5 or 4 leaves per flower.

Measure 6: While some of these blossoms will have individual petals stuck to these, others (like the one above) may feature a different technique to achieve the appearance of petals. With a 3″ thick piece of crepe paper, fold the paper into small segments, then cut small strips to the newspaper (creating a hula skirt result).

Measure 7: Glue either side of this paper and wrap the petals around the stamen and insert the leaves. Secure with green floral tape, ensuring the tape extends all of the way down the wire (to pay it completely).

It’s possible to use a variety of paper colors to create unique effects, and add visual interest for a crepe paper flowers. You may even opt to utilize different shaped foliage, or move without leaves on particular flowers.  

Each blossom can be put within a live floral structure or succulent grass, to bring a bit of whimsy for your structures.

As an optional means to complete your bouquet of crepe paper flowers, using materials like ribbon, gift tags, and shredded paper stuffing, you may make a hand-held perfume (similar to your decorative bouquet). Stuff the shredded paper to the base of a cardboard cone (which looks like an ice cream cone). Add the stems of your paper flowers. Adorn of selection with the ribbon.

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As an alternative concept, these cute crepe paper flowers can be added to present wrapped boxes, even as a decorative accessory to make your present unique and memorable. However you use your crepe paper flowers, working collectively with your gal pals always makes craft jobs like these even more pleasurable.

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