Following Is A Sweet DIY Version Of Kylo Ren’s Badass TIE Fighter

This home-made Kylo Ren TIE Fighter is Last Jedi’s Greatest fan project yet

Couple of days after the boat’s movie debut, no less.

A brand new Star Wars movie suggests brand new Star Wars boats, meaning new DIY fan projects of all varieties to relish.

The Last Jedihas only been outside for a couple of days, but it is already inspiring YouTubers to recreate their own variations of those worlds caused by Rian Johnson. Our favourite is really PeterSripol’s RC edition of Kylo Ren’s soon-to-be-iconic TIE Silencer.

It requires some trial and error to get this Silencer flying, especially with all of the back-loaded weight reduction. Even though a Silencer can fly economically through space, it requires a solid engine down here on Earth.

But Sripol shaves off some weight and brings into some happy medium where he can do a barrel roll through a park. He may not have Kylo Ren’s flying experience nonetheless, but all it requires is a small practice.

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