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Suresh Kulkarni, Former V.P. Space Engineering Thiokol Corp.Suresh Kulkarni, Former V.P. Space Engineering Thiokol Corp..

West Virginia University Engineering students got an out of this world experience from an former NASA distance shuttle scientist.

A lecture on Monday explained the characters before and following the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster was introduced by scientist, Suresh Kulkarni, in which he shared the events that took place the night before and the day of the 1986 Challenger launch.  

“Exactly what NASA want us all (scientist) to do is communicate the message; they’re all searching for very bright engineers as we are basically old now. These are the people who are going to make the space program occur later on,” said Suresh Kulkarni, former Vice President of Space Engineering in Thiokol Corporation.

Throughout his career as a scientist Kulkarni has worked with several astronauts, along with the most notable one is John W. Young, who walked the moon.  

“The advancement of technologies that has taken place since 1972 has become tremendous. Everything we do today is really highly computerized and all the tools we have to have the ability to make an perdition are much more than that which we had previously. For example the airplanes we look today is performed on computers. The old days we had to do everything by hand, and then had to do a great deal of flight testing to make sure they were going to function,” said Kulkarni.

Some of the most noteworthy missions Kulkarni was involved include: space craft to Venus 1989, Galileo Spacecraft to Jupiter 1989, Hubble Space Telescope1999, along with the Shuttle-Mir 1995.