Game Of Thrones: This Is Why This Film Of George R R Martin And Kit Harington Is Going Viral : International Shows

Game of Thrones: Here Is why this picture of Kit Harington and George R R Martin is Definitely Going viral

This picture of Jon Snow aka Kit Harington and GoT novelist George R R Martin will make your head spin.

Kit Harington and George R R Martin. Picture courtesy: YouTubeKit Harington and George R R Martin. Picture courtesy: YouTube

We have some pretty excellent information for Game of Thrones’ fans. For a while internet has been abuzz with of a couple of images GoT celebrity Kit Harington aka Jon Snow, and also the creator of the world of Game of Thrones, George R R Martin.

Lately, Buzzfeed journalist Ryan Broderick tweeted a picture of Harington and a young Martin using the caption, “Wanna see something bad f**ked up?”

In the film, the Game of Thrones celebrity and the author look like each other. The tweet has been moving viral, also has been retweeted and shared a range of times on interpersonal networking websites.

– Ryan Broderick (@broderick) August 24, 2017

Now that is somewhat spooky.

Although some enthusiasts were flabbergasted using the similarity, some made a GoT joke. Obviously.

Perhaps not a Targaryen, a Martin 😂😂😂

– Diana Kramer (@Rorutza) August 24, 2017