Genius Mum Shares Easy DIY Dry Winter Skin Remedy Made From Three Products

A GENIUS mum has taken the internet by storm once she shared her easy DIY dry winter skin remedy with all the entire world.

Susan Lewis posted images of what she describes as the “best dry skin goop” on her Facebook —  a concoction originally thought up with her own mother.

YouTube/Hang Time With Caden

Susan Lewis has long shared her genius DIY dry skin remedy — and it’s taking the internet by storm

She shared a movie of this light pink lotion being mixed together within her Kitchen Aid, together with the caption: “Made a batch of my mom’s winter skin remedy. Mix, Pour, store! Greatest dry skin goop!”

But what Susan, of Phoenix, Arizona, likely was not expecting was to be bombarded with messages begging her to disclose exactly how she made it.

After her article was shared more than 100,000 times — and also the movie alone viewed 6.6million times — she made a decision to follow it up with the exact recipe required to make the rescue goo.

Susan made a decision to capture a YouTube video along with her son, where she advised audiences: “It’s easy enough a kid could really do it.”

The pink goop — resembling Angel Delight — has been created using three simple components
Susan submitted the images of the products she uses on Facebook but had been inundated with requests for the recipe

She says: ” So I submitted my favourite winter skincare mixture on my Facebook page only a couple of days ago and we obtained over six million views.

“I’m also becoming over 400 Facebook friend requests every day and up to 100 direct messages in my DM box.

“Most of you are asking the same thing, you’re actually just trying to find out how do we make this, can it be as easy as you state it is and just how much of each item are you using?

“So that is what I need to do now, is reveal — it’s very easy, it has three components: baby cream, Vitamin E along with Vaseline.”

YouTube/Hang Time With Caden

She also shared a movie of her son Caden making the simple mixture
These goods are blended together in a mixture prior to being saved in reusable jars

YouTube/Hang Time With Caden

The genius mum says she has been inundated with messages from strangers wanting to know her recipe

Susan’s son Caden then demonstrates putting 13oz (369ml) of Vaseline from the bowl, along with 27oz (267ml) of baby cream and eventually 8oz (227ml) of vitamin E lotion.

The charming child then switches the mixer on for a few seconds before concluding: “And there we go”

Susan claims the biggest question she’s been getting requested is where she gets her jars and shows she moves to the HomeGoods store.

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Caden then shows how he decorates the jars as a easy gift idea — that his mommy says is perfect for his instructor to get Valentine’s Day.

The frustrated mother composed on Facebook on Friday: “So it has been less than a week since I published my favorite  winter skincare remedy made with my sweet mom….and then that happened…. .5.8 million views.

“Sharing is caring. Should be plenty of soft peeps out there today.”

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It’s easy — mix together the three ingredients:

  • 13oz (369ml) of Vaseline
  • 27oz (267ml) of infant cream
  • 8oz (227ml) of vitamin E lotion

Afterward decanter and store into jars, prepared to be utilized whenever the skin is feeling a little flaky.