Government To Establish Committed Internet, Science Channel TV To Popularise The Subject

A science channel and an TV are some of the mediums that the government is currently researching as part of its bid to popularise science a senior official said today.

Ashutosh Sharma, secretary together with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), said that the DST is currently in discussions with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to launch a channel dedicated to science.

“The I&B Ministry was favorable in its reply and it’ll still require a few months for the project to materialise,” Sharma said.

In earlier times there wasn’t a dedicated science channel, although there were dedicated programmes on mathematics, a scientist at the ministry said.

The scientist, on condition of anonymity, said that the concept of a dedicated TV channel obtained traction after noted movie writer Shyam Benegal emphasised at a science film festival held.

The DST is also considering launching an internet TV in on the electronic achieve in the nation, Sharma said.

He said students pursuing their doctorate in fields will be requested to write a paper on their area of research throughout the program.

Sharma made the comments while talking at the launching of a book ‘Bridging the Communication Gap in Science and Technology: Lessons in India’, written by senior science writer Pallava Bagla.

Technology and Science Minister Harsh Vardhan, that was present at the book launching, said unless mathematics reaches the people it’ll be futile.

He also talked.

Sharma alsosaid that it’ll be mandatory for doctorate students funded by the DST to write popular science papers.

Their newspapers could be later published in science magazines and newspapers.

“We mean to own 1,000 such documents on popular science composed by students. We will also give awards for the best science newspapers,” Sharma said.

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