Here Folks Are Going DIY All In One, In Case You Haven’t Seen This Putty Knife Painting Procedure Yet

Have you attempted a DIY and neglected? Perhaps you have attempted only to fail? I gave up and attempted to get this finish created by Dionne of this Turquoise Iris times, I likely could have given up If I had not been called by a large TV manufacturer and requested me to neglect for their own show! Determine the remainder of the story within my movie…

Time: 4 Hours Cost: $60 Issue:  Moderate

I began this job first by locating a piece which hadn’t been painted earlier, I know some argue that vintage furniture shouldn’t be painted. I look for a canvas to make on. To say that you need to paint on furniture thats made of wood that is pressed is similar to stating that a painter must be permitted to paint on scrap paper.

I discovered this in a thrift shop, it’s a crack on the top and hole. I think imperfections like this are perfect for distressed paint finishes.

You can see the hole and cracks here… and what looks like layers of paint which happened over time. I eventually managed to receive this complete but I had to telephone dionne in Your Turquoise Iris and receive her help. She gives step by step directions in the movie to me.

I slid by covering the whole piece with a coating of DIY Paint from the color Bohemian using a roller not a paint brush….as found from the movie.

I then used DIY Paint at the Mermaid Tale for the areas. I blended the colours like eyeshadow.

Next I utilized the key weapon… a putty knife to use layers of paint color ( DIY Paint, Marquee, Queen Bee and also Mermaid Tale) dragging and pulling the paint using the knife and the water bottle.

I added the colors in the groves and comprehensive locations, spraying water in between.

I kept adding colour until I had a multi coating impact with shadowed areas and large lights.

The last step added transparent dark and wax wax add patina and age and to seal the finish.

When you buff it, the color once you first apply deepens, once it dries then and it out pops up to some buttery finish.

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