Homeowner Decides To Transform Her Stoop–look It Is DIY All In One

I have way more details on my website  but I wanted to discuss one of my latest stenciling jobs! I’m no stranger to stenciling, when you take a look at my profile.

Period: 2 Days Price: $30 Difficulty: Easy

This was our stoop’s excellent old before. Pretty gross? I really like the colour of the house, but I wish the guy who flipped the house (and ultimately who painted the house) used another color here. Georgia clay is SO unforgiving!!

It took a couple run throughs to receive it back to better to me.

After allow it to dry and cleaning it, I painted over the gray that was there. The brick still looks horrible and I do have that on my list….for another time.

We had a quart of white exterior paint from the garage, so I used that because my foundation color that is stencil.

From Cutting Edge Stencils and also a brush I ordered that the Santa Ana stencil. I wanted to roll up on this paint, just like I have in the past on my walls, however, the surface was not as agreeable. I had to use a brush to apply the blue. It was cleaner and more accurate, although it took longer

After a couple of nights of painting, the stoop was finished! With this pattern, the brick does not look AS dingy!

Of I raced against the rain to receive shots and my pictures are a bit darker than I desired.

The people at the paint counter told me since I used outside paint, that I should not need to seal this, but I will see exactly what it looks like from the spring and decide. This place gets sunlight all day long, I’m sure it will need something!

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Materials I used for this job:

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