How To Create DIY Statement Earrings

Wemails have been seeing abstract statement earrings everywhere. From the Instagram feed to the catwalk, the irregular-shaped accessories are the hottest trend du jour. Put down your yummy studs, because if it comes to this fad, it is an issue of the bigger, the better. A statement earring is perfect for adding a while to your casual outfit, or pairing with that head-turning LBD.

We love a craft project here at Miss Vogue, also determined to have some fun producing two pairs of the own unique earrings. These are simple projects that anyone can do. The tendency for this unusual ear bling is focussed on imperfect shapes and unique patterns, so there is no need to worry about being amazing; we love that both our earrings are slightly different shapes!

Additionally, there’ll be no stressing about twinning accessories either. When you are making your own earrings, you can guarantee that nobody else will be wearing the identical thing. The supplies come in at under #10 having enough left over to make many pairs – perfect for a weekend craft night along with your BFFs. These may also produce a cute Christmas gift for that trendy buddy who has everything.

For Your marbled earrings:

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