If You Missed The 2014 Balloon Fiesta, Watch This Awesome Time Lapse Video.

Albuquerque is maybe best known for its annual Balloon Fiesta, in which hundreds of hot air balloons lift off from the ground in a spectacular show of colors and shapes. It”s an amazing sight.

If you couldn”t get to Albuquerque this year, never fear. Photographer Knate Myers filmed an awesome time-lapse video so you can take in the whole thing in about three minutes. Of course, you”ll probably want to watch it a few times, because let”s face it: there are few things more charming than a hot air balloon, and almost nothing more charming than a sky full of them.

You can also check out many more photos and videos on the Fiesta”s official site. Because you can never have enough hot air balloons.

Via Colossal