Is Your Personality Killing Your Artwork?

I got an email with this subject line.   I totally loved it.   The body of this email was not all that persuasive, but the topic worked and I read it.   Witty and somewhat confusing in a fantastic way. Most importantly, it indicated a sense of comedy.   An authentic human characteristic.   Right off the bat this SDR had made me thinking of these as an actual person.   I was pleased in the beginning, but then it got me thinking about all the other lifeless communications I get out of SDR’s everyday life.

Whatever happened to having some character on your prospecting?   When did so a lot people begin approaching sales growth such as lifeless, scripted, and utterly boring robots?   How did this happen?

Full disclosure:  I sell a prospecting platform as well as our outsourced services.   Our product automates much of their electronic communication that SDR’s apply to your own prospects.   So, if we don’t coach our clients up correctly, I’m contributing to the problem.

There is a significant gap between Codes and Rules.   A successful Sales Development function is equal parts Art and Science.   The Science is your procedure, the telephone cadence, the database management function etc..   The Science needs rules to be able to do the job.   There can be little deviation from how things need to be done or the entire thing becomes unpredictable.

The Art resides in exactly what your SDR’s state, how they think about their leads, and how they respond to exceptionally hostile unsubscribe requests…etc..       The Art needs principles – a few parameters to reside within in relation to how you speak to a prospect.   Guideposts if you will on how to message, convey, and build rapport.   These guidelines keep you protected while ensuring that the character the SDR was hired for shines in all their communications.   When science creeps too far into The Art, SDR Drones are born.

That is exactly what I believe has happened in the Revenue Development community.   The human aspect has been automated from it in numerous businesses.   They’ve let their rules slowly disrupt the equilibrium between the Art and Science of prospecting.   The guidelines around messaging have been replace by dialogue trees.   The guidelines around an email response to a possibility that sends an “I’m interested” email is templated and never customizable.   The content that an SDR shares following a fantastic telephone is determined for them factoring in the unique intellect learned during that telephone.   All these are simply a few examples, but I’m sure that you can think of many more.

Simply take a hard look at the way in which the SDR function has been handled in your business.   Dive to the actual conversations and follow ups that are being ran by your reps.   Ask yourself the tricky question.   “Is our Science murdering our Artwork”?

I did and we’re a better company for this.

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