JYP Entertainment Bans Assignment Of Work After Hours

JYP Entertainment has become the first amusement agency via messaging services to prohibit the assignment of tasks.

As a result of qualities of the market, artists continue working through the evening. However, JYP Entertainment producer Park Jin Young lately requested that unless it is a pressing situation, all employees shouldn’t  touch them with work after completing schedules for the day.

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The same is true to all employees of the company, so that they should not be contacted with function when not on the job.

This choice was made as a result of current societal concerns of worker since it’s also a breach of personal life and stress from the extension of work hours.

It has been noted that one agency, referred to as a, endlessly assigns jobs through KakaoTalk or text messages after leaving job and also on the weekends. Their ignorance is thought to have attained an extreme level, although the employees have been not able to share their complaints seemingly .

JYP Entertainment has taken a first step to stop the negative consequences of employees being confined to messaging services out of work.

Recently, the Korean National Assembly proposed an amendment to the Labor Standards Act to prohibit the assignment of work.