JYP Entertainment Earned The Best Profit At The 2nd Quarter Among Agencies — Koreaboo

JYP Entertainment’s profits for the second quarter of 2017 are higher than SM and YG Entertainment’s profits together.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service, JYP Entertainment earned 6.9 billion KRW ($6,057,323 USD), that will be 81.5% higher than last year’s.

An insider at JYP Entertainment demonstrated that their higher profits could be due to TWICE and GOT7’s album sales.

“From the first half of the year, TWICE sold over 600,000 album copies with two albums released, also GOT7 sold over 350,000 copies. The number of this year’s record sales have captured up to last year’s album sales, so our profits have significantly improved.”

— JYP Entertainment insider

Prospects are high for JYP Entertainment as TWICE are planning on actively promoting in Japan for the remainder of the year, while GOT7 have a Japan tour coming up in November.

“From the second half of the year, TWICE and GOT7 have additional promotional activities planned. The profits out of Jun.K’s Japan solo excursion from last July are also reflected in the results.”

— JYP Entertainment insider

SM Entertainment ($1,140,386 USD) and YG Entertainment ($3,772,047 USD) both earned 1.3 billion KRW and 4.3 billion KRW respectively.

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Source:Money Today