Lenovo Tab 4 10 Review: Productivity And Entertainment On A Budget

The Lenovo Tab 4 10 is the provider’s (unfortunately named) latest tablet in the Series 4 family. It’s the bigger of the 2, packaging a 10-inch display also focuses on productivity and entertainment. On paper, it sounds excellent, but there’s no  lack of downright terrible Android tablet computers on the current market, therefore Lenovo isn’t exactly playing with favorable chances.

So let us see how it fares, they’ve done a fairly good job with mobiles recently, though.


The Tab 4 10  requires a “less is more” approach to design, and even though it won’t turn any heads, then you definitely won’t discover anything wrong with this, either. It is a black slab with a 10-inch screen. Enough said.

Above the screen (in flat orientation) you’ll come across a camera and LED notification mild, but otherwise the whole face is straightforward and clean.

On the side, you will get the power switch and volume buttons, and the right side houses the microUSB charging interface, headphone jack, along with card slot.

Placement of each of the ports and buttons makes a lot of feel, so if you’re using the tablet while listening to music or charging it, for example, you will have each of the wires above your hands and out of the way. It is obviously intended to be used in landscape mode, not portrait modemode, so this may be a little uncomfortable to use, if you’re the kind to want a tablet that’s really only a telephone screen. I’m a landscape orientation man, so I do not mind it, however it’s something.

Noticeably absent anyplace on the gadget is really a fingerprint scanner. It is nevertheless a slight disappointment with many mobiles that are cheaper are adopting security, although I’m convinced that’s a savvy step. I would not say it’s a deal breaker, but together with the focus on several consumers of Lenovo, it would have made the system that much better to get it.


Lenovo Tab 4 10
Announced February 27, 2017
Release July 2017
Screen 10.1-inch (1280×800) IPS LCD
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 425
Storage 16GB / 32GB with microSD card slot
Rear Camera 5MP
Front Camera 2MP
Battery 7000mAh (non-removable)
Charging micro-USB
Sound Dolby Atmos speakers
Program Android 7.0 Nougat
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Sensors Ambient, closeness, accelerometer, gyro, compass
Dimensions 247 x 171 x 8.3Millimeter
Weight 500g
Colors White, Black


Lenovo chosen for the somewhat older Snapdragon 425 CPU from the pill, which sounds pretty bad at first. Additional Snapdragon 400-series devices have been very hit or miss, but thankfully the Tab 4 10 squeaks into the hit group. That’s likely because of Lenovo using a 1280×800 resolution screen instead of a HD screen like any other OEMs, so the tablet has fewer pixels.

Also the 4 10 handles pretty much any daily activity you can throw it, although it’s no speed demon by any stretch. G******g is simply okay, but internet browsing was decent, seeing videos was normally a good experience, and the port never appeared to have bogged down.

With that Lenovo’s choice to use 2GB of RAM is perplexing. For most matters, 2GB is plenty, but it’s not unusual to see programs get booted out of memory when you multitask if you kick into the productivity port that is technical. Or worse, you will just see a lot of lag.

The screen itself is serviceable, but it’s not full HD. It’s paired with a few Dolby Atmos-tuned speakers, so you going to have a circumstance.

Oh the cameras are likely. Don’t use your tablet to take important pictures.


Battery life to the tablet is as a result of a combination of factors; you have got Android Nougat’s Doze feature a mAh battery, and a chip that’s a great deal more conservative than what you see in flagship devices. It is also not a mobile device, opting for only connectivity, which means you can reasonably get away with charging this item once a week if you’re not beating it with movies and games.

All of it depends on use, and it’s much more difficult to pin down use on a tablet as opposed but the Tab of Lenovo sits close to the top of the pile for all but the majority of consumers.


You won’t find a skin that is heavy here, but Lenovo has added some enhancements to this Tab 4 10’s software that really help it stand out.

The addition is known as productivity mode, and it essentially makes a  interface. The navigation keys move adds a app drawer button, and makes a dock of your programs. This whole bar never goes off, even as you can do other things on the pill.

This means you can quickly jump into your app drawer to discover your file manager as you’re browsing the world wide web, and you’re literally away from accessing other programs which you have available just one tap. Want to jump over to Spotify to opt for a new song as you’re writing an email up? Easy.

It is also possible to split programs side by side for Windows, which functions well   many  of this time. It is good in a pinch, although the apparatus has 2GB of RAM, so trying to pair Chrome with anything can cause some slowdown.

Lenovo has worked to deliver Atmos surround audio to the speakers of the device, and they’ve included an app to create custom listening modes with equalizers. There are modes for talking, videos, games, and music, but you can make your own modes and adapt the graphic EQ you see fit. There are a few nice tweaks for those manners such as toggles to increase dialog clarity, virtualize speakers, and degree out quantity.

Lenovo also cares about the tablet’s capability to hold up to 7 consumers which you may move around between so everyone has their own section of the pill to perform with. It is an inventory Android feature, so that’s not Lenovo particular, but it’s quite useful on a tablet.

However, the device only has 16GB of storage, and right off the bat you’re going to lose most of it to internal system items and programs that are pre-installed. After updating what was about the tabletcomputer, installing DirecTV Currently, Netflix, and HBO, I had been down to about 6GB of space. For one user that’s not using the device that’s okay, but I can not imagine managing 7 consumers with less than 1GB of distance among each and every individual.


Lenovo’s Tab 4 10 isn’t the iPad killer of 2017, but that’s obviously not what you’re looking for if you’re in this budget. For less than $200, but you receive a device with high notch battery lifetime and decent specs across the plank, and a few tricks that are hard to encounter.

It is really hard to recommend anything else, if you using the pill to stream movies. Above average display and amazing battery life mean that this is an incredible Netflix and Sling TV Companion, and I bet even sound junkies can enjoy how good the speakers are.

It’s a definitive yes that is less. The productivity mode that Lenovo comprised is really cool and creates the tablet function more like a conventional Windows workspace, however the amount of RAM may put off the majority of users. With that being said, somebody who is planning on running a house business with a key tablet is likely shopping in a price range that is high.

Even it’s hard not to recommend the Lenovo Tab 4 10 among the best budget-friendly Android pills.

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