Lovely Libations: Holiday Cocktails And DIY Swizzle Sticks

About here, my group and I like to observe the holidays with a pop, fizz and a clink. I don’t consider myself an expert mixologist by any means, however it’s fun to stir up a creative cocktail or 2 for each holiday. This time of year is full of aromatic spices, ripe cranberries, and snacks that bring warmth and togetherness. Not to mention all of the holiday celebrations and get-togethers that call for a joyous food and beverage menu. In the event you’re looking for some sweet sips to serve up in your next soiree, I think you’ll love this post.

When concocting the ideal beverage recipes, my group and I decided that it could be a tasty idea to include both a warm and cold cocktail. In the event you’re in the mood for something sparkling and fruit-infused, we mixed up a Sparkling Pear Rosemary Cocktail that you’ll find beneath. Without a holiday season would be complete with no hot beverage as well. Whip up our Salted Caramel Spiked Hot Chocolate that is going to have you hot from head to toe. Mix it all together with some adorable handmade Christmas tree swizzle sticks also! Keep scrolling for both beverage recipes and a fun and Effortless DIY to tie everything together…

DIY Christmas Tree Swizzle Sticks

Here’s everything you’ll need:

  • Adhesive g*n + glue
  • loose glitter of your choice (I used gold)

Here’s the way to create them:

1. Take one of those bottle brush trees and your glue g*n and then put in just a tiny dollop of glue into the bottom.

2. Take one of those glass swizzle sticks and then press it in the glue. After the glue has set for many seconds, add a minute “ring” of glue around the base of the swizzle stick for extra support.

3. While the glue is still slightly warm, sprinkle the dollop with loose glitter.

4. Allow the trees dry completely before stirring up your favourite cocktail.

Sparkling Pear Rosemary Cocktail



Salted Caramel Spiked Hot Chocolate



Will you be adding any of them to your holiday celebrations?

Let me know whether you do at the comments!

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XO Lauren

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