Napa Sophomore On NPR’s Science Friday

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New Tech High School Sophomore Tony Gonzalez spoke   on atmosphere  using NPR Science Friday host Ira Flatow on Friday, February 2, 2018, within the Science Friday Book Club’s reading of Frankenstein.

A parent of a student educated Chris Bach and Tom Serene, the co-teachers of this  Planet Research  course at New Tech High School, of the opportunity to telephone and record messages as part of the book club. They in turn asked their students to phone and document a statement in reaction to the Book Club’s question: “Can you find any parallels between Frankenstein and science today?”

Tony called every day for a couple of weeks and got the attention of Science Friday producer Christie Taylor, who invited Tony on atmosphere. Tony explained, “I phoned to seek help initially, but I wanted to discuss my work and thoughts”.

Tony and spoke the ethics of modern innovations as the Ethics of Progress project and part of the Frankenstein and his Planet Research students read Frankenstein. The job required that students work in groups to create and animate a monster above their very own creation that represented ethical issues of a innovation and the progress.

The announcements of additional World Studies students were featured on the Science Friday Book Club site and within an email sent out to readers into the Science Friday Book Club. Eva, a classmate of Tony’s noted a significant realization and driving idea for the job when she explained, “The difficulty Victor Frankenstein confronted within the book is an issue we will be faced with again in the future. We need to consider the consequences of our activities and our thoughts.”

The Last afternoon of the Science Friday Book Club is currently Friday, February 9th, 2017. Tune in to see if any announcements from New Tech students have been played on air.

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