North Korea Has NO IDEA In Which Missile Tests Are Going To Land And Might Spark WW3 By Accidentally Hitting A Neighbour, Ex NASA Scientist Warns

NORTH Korea is dangerously near igniting World War Three and murdering millions with nuclear weapons, a NASA scientist has warned.

Kim Jong-un boasted that North Korea has become a complete nuclear state

The dictator made the claims following the successful launching of the strongest ICMB thus far, which travelled almost 600 kilometers and attained an altitude of 2,780 mph before crashing into J******e waters.

Dr David Baker, an adviser to Reagan during the Cold War, claimed North Korea is taking “considerable” risks, which might see a missile veering off course and hitting the wrong target.

The ex-NASA scientist cautioned that nations would see that a missile landing in their land.

The despot made the claims following his strongest nuclear missile test nonetheless, at the early hours of the morning

Talking to the Mail Online, he explained: “This really is very hazardous given the closeness of peripheral countries who would accept as a declaration of war some other stray missile hitting their territory, whether it carried out a warhead or perhaps not.

“The danger is considerable. Even nations struggle to keep these missiles.

“North Korea is putting substantial faith in the guidance systems of those missiles.”

Dr Baker also spoke that North Korea might be a year away from launch a missile able to be attracted back down to ground.

The world is now seemingly in Kim’s landscapes following the newest missile launching


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President Trump pledged to do it following the newest missile test

He explained that if the country were to do so with a missile launched into the Pacific Ocean, it could “almost certainly cause a military reaction from America”.

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Warning that the US could even respond with their own strategic nuclear strikes, ” Dr Baker added: “We are living in increasingly dangerous times.”

President Trump to impose ‘important sanctions’ on North Korea after newest missile test