People Are Pouring Paste To Make Their Flooring Look DIY All In One

We replaced the carpet using bamboo floors in our bedroom. It seems so good that I wished to replace the carpet in all of our rooms using bamboo but alas, it is not in our budget. Things to do, what to do…

Timing: 3 Days Cost: $65 Issue: Easy

I made the decision on paper floor. Why? It is inexpensive and it could be laid on top once we want to put hardwood down.

Begin by removing the padding, carpet and tacking strips.

Vacuum and damp mop the floor so it’s super clean.

Newspaper: I purchased 4 rolls of kraft paper. It seemed to be the ideal weight. (I ended up only using 3-1/4 rolls)

Tear the newspaper into pieces no bigger than 8″x8″– I had my 4 month old pup help me.

Crumble the paper to balls and smooth the wrinkles so the paper is flat out. The wrinkles will give feel to it.

Glue: To adhere the paper to the floor, blend one part white school glue with one part water. The consistency should be like lotion.

Begin by spreading the adhesive on the floor working with a brush. Be sure you receive under the baseboards, this is the point where a brush works nicely.

I started just so I could get the hang of it before handling the floor.

Lay your very first bit of paper on the glue it goes beneath the baseboard.

Apply a second coat of glue on top of the paper, then smoothing it out.

Proceed to add newspaper, overlapping it because you proceed.

My floor is large so I started using a little roller to apply the glue. It functioned but there were times when I had to use the paint brush to smooth out the newspaper.

Tear off portions if you find little gaps between your paper and then employ above the gap. These smaller bits may give your floor a look.

The newspaper will be lumpy if it is drying but it will smooth itself out because it dries so don’t hesitate.

Working in tiny sections, apply the stain with a smaller roller.

Using a clean cloth or paper towel, then remove the excess stain in a circular motion.

When the entire floor is stained, let it dry.

I used Minwax stain in Early American.

Sealing the floor with polyurethane.

Working in tiny sections and using a lamb’s wool mind, apply the polyurethane using long strokes, then pulling on the brush towards you. This will guarantee an even coating. Do not wash back and forth or you’ll have bubbles on your floor.

I used 2 coats however you can apply as much as you like.

Spend the extra money and purchase a virgin wool’s mop mind. This makes this procedure a slice of cake.

Following the polyurethane has dried, then install 1/4″ across strands to the bottom of the baseboard. This will finish off your floor.

This measure is optional when your baseboard and your floor meet. Because I had carpet Mine didn’t.

Transfer the furniture back into the room and enjoy!!

This project while it may appear daunting isn’t. It takes however, the results are awesome. The floor seems to be wearing very well and also looks like leather.

The bamboo floor installation for our bedroom = $3,000

The brownish paper floor setup for my office = $65

Materials I used for this project:

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