Relaxed DIY Warehouse Wedding · Rock N Roll Bride

Sarah and Jamie had a summer wedding that they called “Retro with bright colours and lots   of food!” The inspiration for the theme came from their love of food, art and music, most of that was supplied by family members because they wanted to keep the budget low. Plus food made out of love for the day is always going to add a something that is special right?

The couple married at Hull Guildhall, together with the reception at music place warehouse, Früit. The bride said, “By the start of our wedding planning, the place was always going to be our main priority, and we’ve always known that we wanted it to be kept at Früit. We chose on a date that they had the rest . We believed that the relaxed décor (along with the amazingly lovely venue manager, Chris), was ideal for us to add pieces to and make it our own. Because it was, as we loved the place, we kept things simple. The ceiling was decorated with paper lanterns and fairy lights. The table ornaments consisted of hessian fabric and glass bottles and jars collected from family and friends, into which we put wild flowers from Bloom & Wild. The blossoms came with crazy mini pineapples!”

Jamie stated of the wedding itself, “The ceremony being at the register office seemed   to be  within  a flash; we  both were overly excited for its reception. Sarah walked down the aisle to Anyone Else Can You From The Moldy Peaches. She had worried  giggles all the way through the ceremony   as  she is somewhat shy!”

The bride wore an abysmal flutter sleeve maxi apparel from ASOS, a headband by Olivia The Wolf  along with Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Skyscraper II heels. Her sister-in-law Selina Scott, hairdresser  at   Alexander Hair and Beauty, did her own hair and make-up. The groom wore a Vivienne Westwood two-piece blue match, Ted Baker shirt, Ted Baker paisley Chelsea boots and silk paisley cravat. Sarah’s bridesmaid, Selina, wore an improved gold maxi  apparel from Boohoo. “We  wanted   her to  select her own apparel so she felt comfortable and beautiful   inside”. She explained.

“For your wedding breakfast,   we all  wanted   to keep things relaxed and informal so decided   on our  favorite foods and did a buffet.” This was arranged  by Sarah’s mommy   as  a wedding present. Sarah’s Aunty Lynn baked distinct flavoured tray bakes and biscuits, and   the wedding cake was, created by Vicki, Sarah’s cousin.   For the evening, they moved with a hog roast van.

The wedding budget came in at below #6000, and a lot of this was right down to the few lots of these details themselves. The bride designed the stationery, saying   “We  went to get a vinyl record music themed invitation, and also our  save the dates were small vinyl record refrigerator magnets for our  visitors  to  keep.” Jamie and his buddies DJ’d for its  entertainment, Sarah’s Aunty Julie hands created the tassel garland, and as mentioned, family members managed hair, make-up, and most of the food.”

The biggest cost for the couple was the pictures and videography. “As we both work from the wedding industry since videographers we know how important it’s to not compromise on this portion of wedding planning. All these are the things that you have to continue for a long time to come, which they’re worth every cent. We loved everything  Sally  captured, and her approach is relaxed and enjoyable. And we are huge fans of The Cine Collective; their portfolio is amazing, and we thus are eager to view the movie.”

Jamie stated it was watching Sarah walk down the aisle and then getting over the speeches! Sarah said that it was “Walking down the aisle with my  father and visiting Jamie waiting there.”

The couple said   the  entire adventure of preparing their wedding was astounding, but “Your spare room becomes a  wedding storage room, also Sarah accidentally threw off the confetti, therefore we  had   to  fear buy   on the  afternoon  of  their wedding!” They included also that they wish so the afternoon lasted somewhat 22, they’d ordered the ceremony for a previous time.

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As far as information goes for couples, Sarah and Jamie said, “Your day goes so fast, so don’t be concerned  about the small details, and revel in the moment with your  friends and family.”

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