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Rex/Shutterstock Conor McGregor wasn’t the only fighter who lost huge to Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26. Floyd surpassed Rocky Marciano for the finest undefeated record in boxing, so learn more about this famous heavyweight.1.

Rocky Marciano was a heavyweight who went 49-0. Up up until the minute Floyd Mayweather, 40, defeated Conor McGregor, 28, via technical knockout, the undefeated fighter referred to as”Cash” was tied with Rocky Marciano for the best record in boxing. Rocky(born upon Sept. 1, 1923)completed from 1947 to 1955. During that time, he held the world heavyweight champion and was undefeated in his career. Rocky retired in 1956 with a best record of 49-0, with 43 knockouts.2. He’s a kid from Massachusetts who ended up being the very best in the world. Raised in Brockton, Massachusetts

, Rocky was the kid of Italian immigrants. As a kid, he started weightlifting and exercising as a teen before being prepared into the United States Army to eliminate in World War II. Rocky started his boxing career while serving in the army and after the war(following a failed attempt to sign up with the Chicago Cubs’ farm group)he went back to Brockton to begin training. From there, he would release a career that saw him win the heavyweight champion of the world and end up being an international super star .3. He once combated Muhammad Ali– kinda. In the film Rocky Balboa, acomputer system simulation has Rocky Balboa(Sylvester Stallone)fight Mason “The Line”Dixon(Antonio Tarver). That in fact taken place to a different Rocky. In 1969, a years after retiring, Rocky entered the ring with Muhammad Ali as part of The Super Fight: Marciano Vs. Ali. The 2 fighters were filmed having a sparring match, which was then modified into a film as if it were a genuine bout. The battle’s result was determined using likelihood solutions entered into a computer. They shot 2 endings– one where Rocky one, another where Ali won. The American audiences were revealed the movie where Rocky triumphed, whereas Europe was provided the version where Ali won.4. He passed away in an airplane crash right before he turned 46. Sadly, Rocky wasn’t on hand to witness Floyd defeat his record. On Aug. 31, 1969, the “Brockton Smash hit”boarded an aircraft in Chicago’sMidway Airport, headed toward Des Moines where he was going to provide a speech to a pal’s child before attending a surprise birthday celebration, inning accordance with The pilot, Glenn Belz, was unskilled and disregarded storm cautions. When Glen– who wasn’t certified to fly at night– tried to land at a little airfield in Iowa, he struck a tree two miles short of the runway. Rocky, Glenn and passenger Frankie Farrell were all k****d on impact.5. Rocky’s household is not impressed by Mayweather’s record. Rocky’s child, Rocky Marcianao Jr., called the Mayweather-McGregor battle an “exhibition match “that really shouldn’t count to Floyd’s record.”No matter what takes place, I don’t think it ought to go towards Mayweather

‘s expert profession, win or lose,”Rocky Jr. informed USA Today. “This fight to me isn’t a real boxing match. “Rocky’s brother, Peter Marciano, concurred. “If you looked at it in properly, it’s the very first time [Conor] is stepping in the ring to be a fighter. It’s an exhibition. It’s a crossover. “Do you think Rocky has the real undefeated record, HollywoodLifers!.?.!? Click to register for HollywoodLife to obtain more celebrity news.