Roll Your Eurorack Modules With Otto’s DIY Prototyping Atmosphere

It’s fun to build DIY module kits for Eurorack, but what about taking that to designing and building your own modules? How do you move from a style? Otto’s DIY Ecosystem is a prototyping environment that will take your designs and place them right into your stand in a durable, safe format.

Otto’s DIY

Just started on Indigogo Otto’s DIY Eurorack Modules brings together numerous tools to enable you to rapidly and easily build prototypes of your own modules. Without needing to get PCBs, all printed. Otto’s DIY ecosystem includes Eurorack compatible prototyping boards and a PowerBrick extension which offers power to a module whilst shielding the rest of your system.

There are currently two boards available, the Protoboard-1120 and the Stripboard-480. These possess an grid of plated connections for easy soldering and mounting of components. Each board fits to the Eurorack situation but are intended to stack on top of each other by tapping off the top and base mounting sections.

The kit was created for module prototyping and experimentation. The planks will fit typically used synthesizer components and pre-drilled holes also contained stand-offs make it easy to sandwich boards together.

They are seeking to raise $5000 in pre-orders and kits start from $20 for 2 stripboards and a PowerBrick — enough to create a module. For $129 you can go for the Gold Pack with enough for 4 modules including 20 jack sockets and 20 pots.

It’s a really neat idea. I am no less daunted by the idea of designing my own modules. But the fact you could easily build a module based on a layout you found online, without any specific tools, and have it running in your stand is really amazing. The learning opportunities are huge.

Put together by Kerti Kristóf and Sövény Gergely of Intech Studio the campaign is running for a month and they aim to deliver in April. If you have ever considered getting deeper into the electronic equipment of Eurorack then that looks like an amazing manner in.

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