She Arranges Them In Rows, Cuts 25 Pockets Out Of Jeans, And Does This On Her Wall — DIY All In One

I like the build-up to Christmas itself. Advent calendars are a lovely way to celebrate that excitement.

I make the household a brand new upcycled introduction calendar. Last a popular calendar has been made from tin headphones which you can see here. I decided to make my calendar from denim pockets this season. But you know what is the very best thing about this jeans repurposing project.

Timing: 2 Hours Cost: $13 Topic: Easy

The first thing to do is assemble your jeans and cut the pockets out. You will have the ability to get 4 out of one set of 22, if you use both the front and back pockets.

You will need some fabric such as drop cloth will do. I was lucky in that I had an old cream curtain.

I laid the denim pockets out to the backing cloth.

Having posted a handmade Advent calendar on Hometalk earlier I understand there’s a whole lot of disagreement amongst Hometalkers whether they have 24 or even 25days.

Personally, I simply decide to create a calendar like I wanted my pockets but if I wanted an 8×4 or even 6×4.

Following cutting the backing cloth. I hemmed it using an iron fusible hem (no-sewing).

Using a number white and stencil paint I stenciled a number from 1 to 25.

I coated the back of each pocket with the adhesive and the backing fabric with the adhesive too.

With a foam board each pocket was stuck on by me set up. But I utilized drawing pins to hold the pockets as the glue dried. (More information on the blog)

When the glue had dried I eliminated the drawing pins and also also the advent calendar was ready to hang on the walls. You will notice I like my times hunting for the number just adds to the enjoyment!

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My advent calendars fill using a treat and a Christmas suggestion that is daily to bring a grin to my teenage son. What do you set in your introduction calendars?