Sony Starts Home Entertainment Audio Systems MHC-V11 Along With SHAKE-X30D

Sony India launching  its home entertainment audio program line-up MHC-V11  along with  SHAKE-X30D.   Exclusively created for music enthusiasts these potent audio speakers offer   clear, dynamic audio, coupled with wireless Bluetooth capabilities  enabling users to enjoy music at the touch of a button. The innovative speakers are an extension of those previously introduced MHC-V77D and MHC-V50D. These newly launched home entertainment audio methods stand out for their dynamic audio output, identifying design and superior technology.

Addressing to the expanding demand for amusement focused goods, the new series additions are packed with unique features such as  karaoke and DJ impacts  and Sony’s indigenous offering of  music center smartphone app.   The speakers are embedded with an option for built in USB interface, audio input and also will come with a built-in FM radio tuner.

MHC-V11 and SHAKE- X30D are enabled with Karaoke and DJ impacts and has the capability to enliven any atmosphere. An Individual can just pop into a CD, USB, and sing along to music from YouTube via Bluetooth. Two mic inputs offers an choice to team up with friends to your ultimate sing-off. A built-in outspoken fader work even turns the voice down CDs so one could sing favourite songs.

SHAKE- X30D  offers four different impacts to set the stage for any celebration: Flanger produces a deep seated result; WAH distorts the audio; Isolator singles out a specific frequency band; and PAN sweeps the noise across speakers. One may utilize DJ effects with the Fiestable app and gesture management, so becoming creative with celebration playlists has never been easier.

Read songs  with Music Center Program

Adding to the smooth encounter, the Sony Music Center App   (previously called SongPal) for tablet or smartphone allows to take control of the music collection. Just connect over Bluetooth /USB and have access to most of favourite tracks. The app may also be used to customise sound preferences to make sure fantastic, balanced audio.

NFC and Bluetooth Technology

Ensuring incredibly deep endings, MHC-V11 and SHAKE-X30D  create audio output capability that allows one to enjoy the best quality wireless music through  Bluetooth technology   and NFC. Both speakers are enabled with the new audio technology from Sony, LDAC that enables users to enjoy the best quality wireless audio via Bluetooth technology. With around 3x the information sent, LDAC provides an improved wireless listening experience for all music requirements.

With   LED speaker lights, the user may pump the atmosphere with club-like LED speaker illumination.   MHC-V11  delivers blue speaker illumination to make the ambience that perfectly brings party enthusiast.

In   SHAKE-X30D, the LED light speakers  arrive with different colour patterns, ranging from pure white to rainbow. One will control the lights onto the machine, and watch them sync to the beat of this music for a club-style dance flooring in your home. Synchronising with all the rhythm of the defeat, the power and speed of this light screen matches the disposition and atmosphere.

The  celebration series feature lets you expand the speaker program. The speaker may be connected with other Sony one box audio system to add extra capacity to the audio system. The user can connect several systems in a sequence to increase acoustic encounter and create sound audio.

Portable one-box design: MHC-V11

MHC-V11 is a streamlined, light weight speaker and has a portable design  that is convenient to be carried everywhere. This unique characteristic makes the one-box speaker a perfect addition to any celebration.   An apt  mixture of design and audio quality, it includes of inbuilt carry grips that facilitate ease in motion and makes it the perfect addition to any celebration.

The speaker allows one easily arrange mini concerts with all the available guitar inputsignal. Just plug in and press on the guitar essential to enjoy powerful sound of this instrument. One may also play solo mode, or connect a mic to sing together.

High Power Audio Quality: SHAKE-X30D

The perfect combination of design and audio quality, SHAKE-X30D  delivers impressive vibration bass audio quality with the Sound Pressure Horn. An internal folded horn design effectively increases nitric pressure by pushing energy through an amalgamated duct.

MHC-V11 and SHAKE-X30D will be available in most Sony Center and leading electronics across India.

Merchandise Availability MRP
MHC-V11 20th August, 2017 Rs. 19,990
SHAKE-X30D 24th August, 2017 Rs. 50,990

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