Strategies For Towing This Bank Holiday

Drivers across the UK will be packing up their trailers and caravans and the summer bank holiday is nearly here and taking to the streets for a well-earned break.

Whether you’re hitching up to the very first time or need to build confidence up, Daniel Rogers, towing expert shares his top tips for a stress-free journey.

Planning and Packing

Even you can pack your own possessions to reduce the risk of your trailer or caravan yawing weaving and snaking by loading the trailer or caravan in a way that distributes weight effectively.

The centre of gravity of the load needs to be about 10-20 cm before the trailer or caravan’s wheels, which can be achieved by loading slightly more weight in the front half of the trailer or caravan than in the back, ensuring that you don’t exceed the recommended towing weight for your car or truck, needless to say.

that it is lower at the rear, you shouldn’t ever load a trailer. It ought to be ideally, or either flat, down slightly nose. Any load ought to be secured to the trailer tie-downs where accessible and you’re ready to go.

Remember it’s a legal necessity to utilize mirrors that are prolonged when towing. This ensures that you have full visibility.

About the Street

The key issue is that you have to allow space and more time for everything. Make sure you let a gap of at least four seconds expect junctions and stops to enable you time to brake and allow more space for turning and manoeuvring.

You begin your travels, make time to check the brakes when it’s safe and thoughtful to do to comprehend the way that load will affect stopping when required.

If when driving with a trailer or caravan you encounter weaving [moving from side to side], there are a Couple of solutions

  • Fix the trailer contents to proceed to the centre of gravity forward
  • Prevent over-packing the trailer and ensure the maximum trailer weight is not exceeded
  • Increase the trailer and vehicle tyre pressures in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification
  • match a ‘hitch yaw damper’ to reduce the side-to-side movement
  • Reduce driving speed


Reversing with a trailer or caravan is a artwork that is steady, slow and gentle. You ought to begin reversing together with the vehicle and trailer in a direct line, before turning the vehicle in the contrary way to the one in which you would like the trailer to traveling. Don’t last much as the vehicle and trailer could ‘jack-knife’. Once the trailer is moving in the correct way, undo the steering of the car and stick to the trailer when you reach the suitable direction, straightening up.

Daniel Rogers stated: “It is essential that no matter how often you tow a trailer, so you have some time to prepare correctly and don’t rush your journey. There is a lot to get used to. In spite of the wide selection of technology available — like our Advanced Tow Assist system which lets you park your trailer without so much as touching the steering wheel — it’s still vital that anybody looking to tow has a fantastic comprehension of the physics and concept behind it. We hope these 3 hints help those going camping this bank holiday weekend tune-up their towing skills and decrease the danger of event”

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