Stretch Your Dollar: DIY Gift Ideas For The Holidays

(WTNH)– Now that the vacation shopping period is officially underway, you’re probably deciding what to do for everyone. We are extending your dollar using do-it-yourself presents that could help you save you money.

You will be spending a lot of cash. But some people on your list might enjoy a homemade gift even more, something your wallet will also love.

Maria Floriano, by the Michael’s store in North Haven, gave us a few tips for presents you might not have thought about, like jewelry.

“These could be given to a mother or somebody special or a aunt or Grandma,” said Maria Floriano — Michael’s, North Haven.

D-I-Y might be a fantastic idea for the neighbor, host talent, or your kid’s teacher. Decorate jars that they could use again and again. Stuff it with the ingredients for snacks or hot cocoa or candy.

“These jars I actually made for a educators gift or a hostess gift. The jars are around a dollar, the charms, little amounts are anywhere in the dollar to five dollars,” said Floriano.

By combining items kids can make their classmates presents. Combine baking soda, paste and contact option to make this slime for them to play with.

“Then you’d intertwine the ribbon. It does not need to be Christmas. You can perform Mother’s Day, birthday,” said Floriano.

And that does not love photos? Just take an old framework and dress it up with your own ribbon for a exceptional approach to present photos or exhibit holiday greetings.

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Unique tips that will help you save you money for crafting, and find the family together.