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Have you noticed? PQ is the new IQ.

Social intelligence is just one of the most overlooked, most underutilized skill sets. In school, since we create our careers or level-up our professional life we often think about specialized abilities. We overlook about soft skills. I believe people skills shouldn’t be optional.

When you have outstanding people skills, whatever gets easier.

You are able to:

  • Negotiate for more money
  • Make friends easily
  • Engage in non-awkward conversations
  • Say no more toxic folks
  • Bond quickly with clients
  • Get Alongside coworkers
  • Detect lies
  • Fight with your partner
  • Know the people in your life

As a human behaviour investigator, I analyze the hidden forces which drive our behaviour patterns in my      laboratory–. Over the last ten years, I’ve developed .

5 Great Social Habits:

Today I want to dive into the 5 habits of exceptionally successful men and women. They are my secret weapons for discussion.

#1: Infect Excitement

It might sound ridiculous, but our emotions are contagious (citation 1). We’re spreading our moods all the time –even from that which we place on Facebook. One analysis  (citation 2) analyzed within a billion anonymized status upgrades from 100 million consumers. They found that favorable creates an upward spiral of favorable articles. Whereas even one drawback article makes a downward spiral of negative articles.

Here’s the fantastic news: The favorable articles were stronger and much more infectious.

This occurs both online and offline. In one study published in the British Psychological Society (citation 3) they found that if you discuss positive news with a buddy it helps BOTH. Your happiness rises and so does theirs.

Action Step:

  • Try to infect excitement with the people about you. Share the big news, but also share the little news. Love your vanilla latte? Share that frothy goodness on Insta!
  • Prior to meeting a buddy think about all the fantastic news you’re able to share. Think of humorous stories, juicy updates and something you can toast together. There’s not anything better than a fantastic champagne toast.

#2: Avoid Dreamkillers

Ok, so let’s say you choose the advice from People Skill #1 and also you discuss some superb exciting news with a buddy. Then their reaction is…somewhat lackluster, kinda neutral or worse somewhat envious.

I believe sharing excitement is both an great people skill and a people test.

If you share a part of exciting news and the person you are with becoming really enthusiastic with you and for you–bingo, this is a excellent connection. If you share a part of exciting news and the person who you are with does not respond well–alert, alert, alert! This may not be a excellent connection. I call them folks dreamkillers.


A person who shuts down excitement, enthusiasm and pleasure in others as they are jealous, disengaged or poopy.

Life is too short to surround ourselves with people who do not truly support us. Once you discover a dreamkiller, weed them out immediately. These people are toxic! Here are other kinds of toxic people You May Want to watch out for:

#3: Add, Do Not Subtract

Oh man, today I’ve got something hard to ask you. Are you currently a dreamkiller? Sometimes we dreamkill without realizing it.

Within an interaction you are either adding to itbuilding excitement, laughing at jokes, asking questions.

Or you are subtracting from itbeing cynical, disengaging or maybe not asking mutual questions.

Subtracting are all little dreamkillers. And they can be stunt and hurtful relationship growth if done too often. Here are the ways people dreamkill without realizing it

  • Being a wet blanket. Your friend’s going to Mexico, but you point out the Zika epidemic. Your Mother got a new sweater, however, you tell her it’s the wrong color. Your colleague shed weight, however, you point her out brand new jowls. Quit putting a damper on people’s excitement! Don’t be a buzzkill.
  • Perhaps not enjoying grab. You know when someone asks you, “How was your week?” And after that you answer, but do not request back. Ya, that sucks. Inquire questions back! Be curious! Play catch when someone throws you the ball, so do not run off with it such as the Beast at Sandlot.
  • Being a downer. There was traffic. I could not find parking. This wine is dreadful. This food is more pricey. Ya we make it daily life is not tough. If you are in a poor mood, then stay home and eat ice cream! Come out to juice up people, to not bring down people.

#4: Decode Hidden Emotions

Sometimes we do not discuss how we’re actually feeling–very highly socially intelligent men and women understand how to suss out what’s happening behind the phrases. Dr. Paul Ekman discovered 7 Universal Facial Expressions–called As soon as you learn how to spot them you can discover a great deal about what someone is really thinking. The most important one for you to see will be contempt.

It is simply a one-sided mouth raise. The problem is that we think about a smirk as partial joy or unhappiness–but that could not be further from the truth! Contempt is a expression of disdain, pessimism and scorn.

  • Make certain that you aren’t inadvertently showing it on your profile picture!
  • If you find it on somebody’s face, be sure to reach the root cause. What’s causing that negativity? Make certain it’s not you!

Number5: Quit People Pleasing

Being ‘good with people’ does not mean saying yes to everything. A lot people confuse exceptional people skills with flattery and people pleasing. That is the farthest thing from the truth! You need to have the ability to say no to the wrong people so that you have energy to socialize with the perfect ones.

Anti-people gratifying is a remarkably important people skill. It involves:

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  • Setting up borders
  • Saying no
  • Eliminating toxic folks

Don’t feel like you always have to say. Don’t be pressured into appeasing people simply because you feel as though you need to. I believe high social intelligence comes in taking charge of your interactions.

Bring management back in to your social life:

  • Infect excitement along with people that you care about
  • Avoid dreamkillers
  • Don’t be a dreamkiller–add to all your interactions
  • Decode hidden emotions in the people that you meet (and watch out for contempt!)
  • Cease people pleasing, it won’t win you the perfect kind of family members.