The Top Science Movies Of 2017

A century of climate change in 35 Moments

The gradual worldwide sweep of global warming is really hard to visualise. This movie makes it look easy. Read.

Explosive failures in rocket capturing

As this movie from SpaceX reveals, you can’t make a rocket that could land safely without a few explosions along the way. Read.

What Cassini saw on Saturn

Cassini’s epic voyage of discovery across the solar system came to a conclusion this year after it burned up in the atmosphere of Saturn. This movie reveals what it found along the way. Read.

A wild new kind of cloud

The Asperitas cloud formation was inserted into the International Cloud Atlas this past year. This movie reveals the uncontrolled undulations of this odd meteorological event. Read.

Cell branch in a frog egg

See a few of the first moments of existence as cells divide within this magnificent time-lapse footage. Read.

The brain’s wiring because you have never noticed it before

This extraordinary movie is a tour around the very detailed three-dimensional map of this wiring of the mind produced. Read.

A wave at the Perseus galaxy cluster

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A giant tide 200,000 light years over is rolling throughout the Perseus galaxy cluster, as revealed in this movie based on images taken by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. Read.