Tony Abbott Tells Climate Sceptics Forum Global Warming May Be Good And Climate Science Is ‘crap’

Meanwhile, it became clear yesterday that Malcolm Turnbull would likely cave to internal backbench pressure on power reform and reject a recommendation from the Chief Scientist to present a Clean Power Target.

In his speech, Mr Abbott said there was growing evidence data sets were slanted to match the theory of “hazardous” man-made worldwide warming.

Tony Abbott has likened climate change scientists to the thought police. Picture: AP

Climate change scientists directly have been likened by Tony Abbott to the thought police. Picture: APResource:AP

And while that did not make the warnings about global warming false, “it should produce far caution about highlighting extreme actions upon it”, he explained.

He then raised the risk that global warming might be beneficial if greater levels of carbon dioxide were “greening the earth and helping to raise agricultural yields”.

“In most countries, far more people die in cold snaps than at heatwaves, so a slow elevator in global temperatures, particularly if it’s accompanied with greater wealth and more power to adapt to change, might even be advantageous.”

Mr Abbott dropped down on his 2009 pronouncement that climate science has been “absolute crap” and pitched the current policy position to primitive people killing goats to “appease the volcano gods”.

Australia’s stance on limiting greenhouse gas emissions through encouraging tech just hurt its business and could have little impact unless major emitters followed suit, Mr Abbott claimed.

“We’re more sophisticated now but are still sacrificing our businesses and our living standards to the climate gods for little more impact,” he explained.

“So much, climate change policy has created new taxation, new subsidies and brand new constraints in rich countries, and new requirements for more aid from poor countries.

“But for the really large emitters, China and India, it is a First World issue.

“Between them, they are building or planning over 800 new coal-fired power channels — often using Australian infantry.

Labor's Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has labelled Mr Abbott a denier. Picture: AAP

Labor’s Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has labelled Mr Abbott a denier. Picture: AAPSource:AAP

“Should Australia shut down its steel business; observe passively while its aluminum industry goes offshore; export coal but not utilize it?

“Obviously not, but these would be the inevitable effects of continuing existing policies.

“That’s the fact no one has wanted to face for a very long time: that we could not reduce emissions without also hurting the economy; that’s the inconvenient fact that could now no more be averted.

“The only rational choice would be to put Australian jobs and also Australia’s quality of living first; to get emissions down but just as much as we could without putting up prices.

“After two decades’ experience of the exact modest fact of climate change however, the increasingly dire consequences of the policy to deal with it, anything else is a dereliction of responsibility as well as also a political d***h wish.”

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen accused of quitting any sensible policy advancement Mr Abbott.

“It is 2017 and we have a former prime minister overseas denying the science of climate change,” he told ABC radio.

“He could say what he likes, he’s calling the shots to the policy of Australia. He is a powerful handbrake on the elected prime minister.”

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Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg told an energy summit Monday the government was considering its new policy against a backdrop of the demand for sufficient dispatchable power, higher efficiencies being found in thermal production and the rapidly decreasing cost of storage and renewables.

In 2013, former prime minister John Howard informed the yearly lecture an worldwide agreement on emissions could never be attained along with Mr Abbott’s own election victory was in part a backlash to “overzealous action” on global warming.

TONY Abbott has now told a climate sceptics’ forum in London that global warming may actually be a good thing, while doubling down on his perspective that climate science is “absolute crap”.